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Resume Julien Richard

aeronautic, energy, engineering, consulting

julien richard

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Resume Julien Richard

Julien Richard
My graduation from two renowned French engineering schools and my career in diverse business and cultural environments provided me with a unique knowledge in transportation, energy and aeronautical fields, both at organizational and technical levels. I am self-motivated and eager to learn, and I have always considered that my ability to develop new skills was my best asset. Today, I can design a rocket system, fly a plane, animate a debate on energy markets or design a website; still I have so many other things to learn.

What I’m really looking for is a job that could put together my experiences as a whole and would offer me the possibility to develop new ones.
During 3 years, I performed many technical studies on two international projects working as an engineer for EADS (leader in the defense and aerospace industry in Europe).

I worked on guidance, aerodynamics, infrared & electromagnetic sensors & also battlefield simulation software.
As a trainee,
I worked on the assembly chain of space rocket Ariane
My engineering life
My student life in French engineering schools
Even before graduation...
...I was already passionate about aeronautics
As a student in Centrale Paris, I learnt with a Dassault Aviation engineering team how to design a combat aircraft
My consulting life
During 3 years, I worked for Sia Partners, advising major companies from various economic fields (mostly energy) and developed strong new skills, such as IT project management, organizational & strategic analysis, lean management,...
As a consultant in this fast growing firm I got involved into great opportunities such
as business development, team management in Saudi Arabia and definition of the digital strategy for the company.
My passion for aeronautics is not just about theory...
... I'm also a licensed private pilot
Well ok, I fly smaller planes
My instructor and I, on board of our Aquila for a flight from "Saclay Plateau" near Paris, to "Chambord castle" in "La vallée de la Loire"
I am also a big fan of cycling...
... for the challenge it brings to you
On top of Mont Ventoux, after 23km with an average slope of 10%
Preparing for the 21 deadly bends of l'Alpe d'Huez with and average slope of 11% during 17km
I'm also very keen on matters linked to "design" and "new technologies".
Today digital is everywhere, we cannot live without it. For such matters, I have learnt how to code apps, create websites and master digital presentations.
My digital passion
Travels are fueling me
From the top of the Kilauea, to surf spots in north shore, passing by the Kalalau trail. Definitively one of the best place I have ever been.
West Coast
US parks, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Reno with the guys
Costa Rica
"Pura vida" like they say there, with my wife and two of my best friends
East Coast
NYC and the heart of American history with a visit to Cap Cod and Boston
Kind of a honeymoon for my wife and I
where my family is
Saudi Arabia
Where I work and live now
The place I felt in love with
But what a great view!
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