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The Game by Terry Schott

No description

Adam Kissner

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of The Game by Terry Schott

The Game by Terry Schott
Plot Map
Character Map
Litterary Devices
Living life to the fullest
Love grows when pitted together against society
Optimism is the key to happiness
If you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything

Belief in yourself allows you to do some amazing things. In The Game by Terry Schott, belief presents itself as a major theme. Throughout the course of this Science-Fiction novel, we learn that our belief system shapes up, limits up, motivates us, and defines us. Danielle Benton is a perfect example. From the moment at age eight, when says to Trew, “The only game that matters, Trew. Life. Everything we do. It’s all just a game” (114), it was clear that Danielle believed in something different. She believed that she was living inside of a game and that altered her life immensely. Danielle convinced her boyfriend and later husband of this theory. Together they never stopped believing and worked hard to be able to prove their theory. Danielle studied Biology and Kinesiology in college to be able to anatomically prove this theory, while Trew studied political sciences and theology, political sciences so he could learn how to speak to others and convince that they were living inside of a game, and theology so he could be knowledgeable of other religions in his preaching. This belief and work ethic did not make them visionary thinkers, this did not make them reformists. No, this belief turned them into Heretics. They were scorned, mocked and laughed at for their strange beliefs, yet they still believed. People challenged them, scoffed at them, dismissed them as absurd, yet they still believed. There is great power in truly believing in yourself and your mission. People join their movement, just a few at the start, and later more and more. Their movement exponentially grows and their message spreads. These past Heretics through belief and perseverance have changed from once a lonely believer of a strange idea, to a true reformist who has stood true to their heart and their minds. When you unconditionally believe in anything, then the limitations evaporate into hope. “Our limits increase; we advance and prosper” (343).

presentation by Adam Kissner
The Game sets up an alternate present where instead of formal education, citizens go into the game for education. The game is a virtual reality system that sends your subconsciousness into another world on a planet called Earth, inside of an avatar. While in the game you do not remember your outside experiences and must learn and grow while in the game. The game has become a cultural sensation with anything and everything even remotely important relating to this system of education. Zach is the number 2 player of the game in the world and almost 18 years old (in which he will be forced to retire from the game). He enters the game as Trew Radfield with one final hope of retiring with the number 1 ranking. His girlfriend from the real world, Alexandra, is also entering the game under the character Danielle Benton. This rare and extraordinary opportunity Zach is about to set foot into has the world buzzing and following his every move in the game.

Rising Action
Zach and Alex both enter the game. Trew is born and then one year later Dani is. Trew is raised in Toronto, Canada to a wealthy family. He excels at school and karate. Dani is raised in the United States. She also does Karate. One day when Trew is 9 and Dani is 8, they both compete at a Karate tournament. They end up sparring and end up being close friends. They keep in touch through video chat and remain very close despite their far distance. One day they both find a book that confirms their theory (that we are all living in a game). This brings them even closer and eventually they start dating while constantly working on their theory. Danielle moves up to Toronto and they become even closer. There are two beings called Eternals in this book named Raphael and Stephanie. These Eternals are the same as humans except for the fact that they can never die. Raphael and Stephanie are assigned to protect Trew and Dani. Later on, Trew proposes to Dani. They get married and are madly in love all while working on their shared theory. They never lose sight of each other and their goal likewise. Danielle receives the news that she is pregnant and is extremely excited.

One day when Trew returned from work, he found his wife lying on the kitchen floor cold and barely breathing. He dialed 911 and freaked out. The doctors gave his wife two days to live total. He was completely devastated. At the very last moment two more eternals showed up. They went over to Danielle, almost dead, and healed her right in front of everyone's eyes. Danielle and Trew had lost their baby, but Danielle was safe and sound and alive.

Falling Action
After the near death experience, Danielle and Trew knew the were right about their theory. Continuing to fall deeper and deeper in love with each other each and every day, they remained focused on their goal and began to accumulate a following of their religious movement. Trew acting as the figurehead for this movement traveled all around the world and gave speeches to their massive following. At this point they have accumulated over 40 million followers.
At Trew’s 40th birthday party, after giving an inspiring speech to a crowd of followers, came into contact with an Infernal named Carl. Infernals are the same thing as Eternals except they are evil. Raphael tries to save Trew from Carl but it too late. Carl kills Trew with a weapon that not only kills him in the game, but makes it impossible for him to wake up in the real world. Trew and Zach are dead. At the very end of the book, we learn that the man who healed Danielle inside the game is also alive in the real world and is Brandon Strayne’s father. The series is continued in a second book.

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