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Conduct Individual Training

No description

oscar tak

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Conduct Individual Training

The completed Task, Conditions, and Standards, with written comments, AAR comments, coaching, and mentoring comments provide Soldiers with immediate and documented feedback on performance
Evaluation of Training
Evaluation rating are assigned by WLC Course Management Plan ( CMP)

This should not be confused with leader's assessment

Each ratings are assigned directly to demonstrated task proficiency

Using student's evaluation score sheet, evaluator will observe training tasks and grade the performance of each step
" GO" or " NO GO "
Identifying the foundation for effective training

Analyzing how to use training and evaluation outlines ( T&EO)

Conducting Individual Training
Issuing out Tasks
These tasks should be related to upcoming Situation Training Exercise( STX)

All tasks will come from STP 21-1 Soldier's Manual of Common Tasks (SMCT) and STP 21-24 SMCT, Warrior Skills Level 2, 3, and 4

Students will be provided with the time and date that their task will be taught
Conduct Individual Training
* T223b Conduct Individual Training is split. First portion is conference and discussion.

Day 8 1430-1530

The second portion is the Conduct Individual Training Evaluation.

Day 15 0830-1400
Enter to Learn, Leave to Lead
Evaluation Guidance
Evaluation Guidance
Student will:
a. train this task to standard to their fellow Soldiers;
b. plan, prepare and rehearse with their peers;
c. have 30 minutes to train the task to their peers during class;
d. follow the procedures in ADP 7-0 in the preparation and conduct of the training;
e. have all reference materials supplied for this lesson;
f. notify your SGL/SSGL if they should require additional training aids;
g. conduct a risk management worksheet for the task they will train IAW FM 5-19
and brief prior to the start of training session;
h. conduct an after action review and an assessment of the training at the end of the training session

Student must correctly perform 18 or more of the 25 performance steps to achieve a GO. A GO is a graduation requirement. Student may retest one time and must completed the performance evaluation in its entirety
Standards, Training Evaluation
Feedback on Performance
Conference/ Discussion
" GO " : The task or performance step of a task was performed to standard. A rating of GO is normally awarded if all steps in the task are passed.
" NO-GO" : The task or any performance step in the task was not performed to standard.
All training is evaluated to measure performance against the Army standard.

If a performance step does not present itself or is not required during the evaluation, through no fault of the student, score that performance step a " GO ". Some blocks may not need to be accomplished by the student. SGLs should automatically award points for these blocks ( i.e. Selected Task or Close out the Training Site).
SGLs may evaluate " unseen" performance steps by noting indicators of performance or by asking the student directly.
The score sheet provides the student with the correct performance steps for conducting training to standard. This will aid the student in being able to conduct successful training events with subordinates at their unit of assignment.
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