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Haptic Interaction Technology Seminar

No description

Bree Tsui

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Haptic Interaction Technology Seminar

1.In-vehicle system
Complex Interaction in cars
Conventional in-car interface
2.Haptic Interaction on the road
User behaviors on the road
The use of haptic
3.Example Solutions
H-MODE: An intuitive control concept
4.Discussion Contents In-vehicle System Discussion Extensive development of computer technology brought increasing information and entertainment functions, such as MP3 player, navigation system and mobile telephone, into cars. Haptic Interaction on The Road User Behaviors on The Road Haptic Interaction of Driving System on The Road Xiaobi Xu Complex Interaction in Cars Dashboard:
Steering wheel
Instrument cluster
Entertainment equipment
Navigation Equipment
Accelerator stick
Other interface recently shown up:
Touch in-car interface (My ford, Ford, 2010)*
Cellphone interface (Ford’s Car Dashboard Gets Cellphone Interface: Inspired By Apple)**
etc. In-vehicle System Some In-car Interfaces Also, as technologies progress enables more and more automation in vehicle, how to reduce a relative high complexity of the automation into a manageable one for human beings Complex Interaction in Cars Two well-trained pilots keep the aircraft
system safe But a luxury for driver of ground
vehicle.... * Link: http://www.coolhunting.com/tech/myford-touch-in.php
**Link:http://gizbuy.com/2010/10/11/ford-car-dashboard-gets-cellphone-interface-inspired-apple/ All these designs have one thing in common:

The interfaces are designed "more for the eye than the hand" *. This is potentially dangerous on the road where vision attention is highly commanded.
Highly automated system may lead to "out of the loop", where drivers withdraw from the actual task and even stop monitoring Some In-car Interfaces *K.pRYNNE, "Tatile Controls," Automotive Interiors Int'l, pp. 30-36, 1995 Keep the eyes on the road during the interaction:
Voice control
Gesture control
Eye tracking
Haptic interaction
etc. Eye-free Interaction What should we do? Among the top 25 causes of car accidents*, the number one is not the criminal that drove drunk, sped or ran a red light, but distracted driving! *Link: http://seriousaccidents.com/legal-advice/top-causes-of-car-accidents/ What's the problem? Want to send or read a text
Talking on the phone
Change the channel of radio
Change the GPS system
Change the music list
Read the map User Behaviors on The Road Some evidence... Then what can haptic interaction do? The Use of Haptic Haptic Interaction on The Road Prynne* explained even though interfaces are not designed for blind operations, haptic cues, such as panel recesses and large switch edges, has been used for blind operation by drivers. To facilitate the in-car interaction, more haptic information should be added to enhance the handling The Use of Haptic on the road Act! Side stick Tactile rotary control Steering wheel Switch radio channels
Change sound volume
Speed up
Turn the direction
Pick up the phone
etc. Touch screen Haptic feedback! Example Solutions Project H-MODE: An intuitive control concept A haptic-multimodal communication between driver and automation is established H-Mode Cadillac CUE Example of Solutions "Cadillac is hoping to raise the bar for in-car infotainment with CUE, which integrates touch technology, apps, proximity sensors, voice control, and all sorts of other goodies to make your ride more fun–without being distracted." Cadillac CUE Thank you! Xiaobi Xu It provides an approach to allow driver and assistance system affect the vehicle simultaneously, whereby the driver is kept in the loop and active.

Four prototypes are compared in the UX experiment
Spring centered force reflective side stick
Position reflective side stick with yaw rate feedback
Position reflective side stick with steering angle feed back
Steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal H-Mode Position reflective element Force reflective element Haptic interaction would be very useful in providing blind interaction to release the load of the vision. In the driving system, its effect is significant.
What kind of haptic interaction would provide the most intuitive, efficient and comfortable remains a hot topic in Vehicle industry.
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