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Sushi and Fun Foods!

Sushi is very good for you, as well as many other fun things!

Gurseeb S

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Sushi and Fun Foods!

When bored... hmmm... Eat! Yeah! What,though? Fun Foods! Sushi Chocolate Chip Cookies HOW? Whats in it? eggs
chocolate chips
NO Reading! -.- ahh...soo NOT! uh yes! SPONGEBOB!!!! O_O why not? what else? drawing? facebook? twitter? Entertainment NOT HUNGRY? Hmm...manga? huh? Ummm... YES DRAMA ^^ NO korean, japenese dramas! Crackers gold fish...duh! Avacodo
Seaweed sheets
Rice Vinegar
Rice of course!
Cucumber -its boring
-doesn't make sense
Nope >.< How about shopping??? How about...NOT!! How come?!? We can go to
Square one or Erin Mills,
or sherway Garden.. oh or yorkdale :D How about we do none of the above >:) CROSBY RULES! Umm..What about JUSTIN BIEBER <3 ??? NEVER! >:P (the hockey player of course) Momo Love Because of you Let's listen to Music! Yeah! something normal now! *cough...cough* -however, no JB or korean music. are you guys serious?! what?! Yes we are serious! -what ever what about...pyramid by Charice? umm.. that song is pretty good. What about Airplanes by B.o.B ft hayley? -manga
snooore! who is that?! okay! kinda mean...no? what about Dragonette? who?! :P seriously...? cough syrup? hmmm...what else? Cupcake,cake,pie...? maybe not... awesome! no idea... What else? hmmm..... what are you doing this summer??? going to B.C ... maybe the beach...? OMG I'm going to the beach too and camping ;D oohh! camping?! in the great outdoors with all the pesky mosquitos? What else? Umm... yes, you should try it sometime (: RAWRRRRR!! >:D yupp... nothing O_O cool effect, eh? very Canadian of you! how modest...NOT! (genius forgot crab meat) eh? food for thought oooh! big word O_O enough said... what are you listening to? what will you do?
what do you want to do? how random...? sleep, of course! hmm... okay then... i love enoki mushrooms! i like R.H.S.S! -trust me, they taste good and they look cool! i take that as a NO, then... this expression seems to say a lot T.V shows, movies, fashion and more! not a lot here... what about Spongebob? I like the song (8) If We Ever Meet Again (8) Do you like it? i like it, do you like it? I like it, do you like it? shut up already! empty
space free space move up 3 spaces! go to food for thought did not do your hmk on time, miss turn ... I'm Hungry ! mysoju.com www.viikii.net what is the square root of 16O? what period is your lunch? second... that explains a lot! insert photo here - links to watching japenese or korean dramas... courtesy of us! created by: jennifer & gurseeb :) >:( :) whats your favourite ice cream? your ipod's battery drained out, move back 1 insert group photo exting... alking watched the office last night? Stanley Park, B.C THE END! you sounded like my mom there...sheesh! watched the Hills last night? including...
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