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Ancient China

No description

Mr Duke!

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of Ancient China

Ancient China by Mailyn Pelfrene 6D
Which side is richer?
Chinese religion
Ancient China Facts
Modern humans first came to china from Central Asia or India about 50,000 BC.They were Stone Age people,who lived in caves with their dogs and wore fur and leather. They hunted and gathered their food.
More Facts
About 1800 BC, the Shang Dynasty conquered most of China and ruled it under one emperor.From this point on,chinese history is measured in dynasties.A dynasty is one family of related rulers.
The south of China is richer. Since they are richer there were battles between the south and the north of China.Why is the south of china richer? The south of china is richer because that is where silk comes from.
The chinese believe that on chinese new year evil spirits come ,so they scare them by setting fire to firecrackers.
Ancient China's most common
Ancient China's most common tree is the Cherry Blossom tree. The Cherry Blossom tree can come in different colours.
e.g Red, pink and white.
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