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Margaret Catherine "Kate" Moore

No description

Kierra Beasley

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Margaret Catherine "Kate" Moore

Husband: Captain Andrew Berry
Children: John Berry, Mary Berry, Charles Berry, Catherine Berry, Richard Berry, Margret Berry, Violet Berry, Hugh William Berry, Polly Berry. Alice Berry and Kathy Berry (11)
Margaret Catherine "Kate" Moore
Basic Information
Full name: Margret Catherine "Kate" Moore.
Born 11/29/1752 in Anson, South Carolina.
Died on 9/29/1823 in South Carolina.

Personal life
Additional Information
A road was named " Kate Berry Boulevard after her.
Political position: patriot
Volunteered to help patriot bands in the area.
What did Margaret do?
Helped gather patriots to fight in the battle of Cowpens.
With her help General Morgan set a trap for General Cornwallis and he retreated
He retreated to Yorktown, Virginia where he surrendered and the colonies won their Independence from England
By Kierra Beasley and Maddy Werner
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