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Heal h

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Heal h

Thank You!
The human blood cells
A system of bleeding
Sickness cures
like in the video the immune system bacteria is attacking us every second and if we do get infected with bacteria we will get sick and maybe die from the more life threatening sicknesses. here are a list of cures that can possibly help with the sickness
Here Are some more videos...
Heal h
If the world were people
would be a healthcare worker
The immune system

These are the Curable Diseases in
Witch Doctors
Witch Doctors are people who believe in Witchcraft and are usually around in third world countries. They use medicines that are natural medicines not the modern day types. They are usually in villages and they use some weird techniques for healing people.
4.1 Cholera
4.2 Diphtheria
4.3 Haemophilus influenzae type b
4.4 Hepatitis A
4.5 Hepatitis B
4.6 Human papillomavirius
4.7 Influenza
4.8 Japanese encephalitis
4.9 Measles
4.10 Meningococcal disease
4.11 Mumps
4.12 Pertussis
4.13 Pneumoccoccal disease
4.14 Poliomyelitis
4.15 Q fever
4.16 Rabies and other lyssaviruses (including
Australian bat lyssavirus)
4.17 Rotavirus
4.18 Rubella
4.19 Tetanus
4.20 Tuberculosis
4.21 Typhoid
4.22 Varicella
4.23 Yellow fever
4.24 Zoster (herpes zoster)
Curable Diseases in Australia
sadly we could not find the
immunization handbook for Asia
and Europe.


Now You
Will Get
one of these
sheets to fill out.
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