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Art History

No description

Mindy Dawn

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Art History

Jonathan Zawada
Sydney based artist / creative director and designer for music, art and fashion clients
Jonathan comes from a drawing background, but became more interested in the digital side of illustration, like 3d modeling, Photoshop and interactive design
He has created ads for BMW and create many fashion lines with fashion designers.
Jonathan started working for a small website and screen printed shirts form his bedroom before making it big.
Can the Drummer Give some Back
Pencil on Paper,
French Street Artist who is from Paris.
France's answer to Banksy
Primarily uses stencils to produce his artwork.
Subjects include: Beggars, homeless people, refugees, street kids, and elderly.
Also creates gallery work on wood and canvas.

His drawing show have a COMDES influence.
Graphic design influence
Kehinde Wiley
Born 1977
Is a New York based Portrait Painter
Known for painting naturalistic painting of African American people in an old school style.
Kehinde's mother supported his art and he was in enrolled in art classes at the age of 12 to kepe him off the streets.
BFA from San Fransico Art Institute in 1999
MFA from Yale Univerity, School of Art in 2001
First show was at The Columbus Museum of Art in 2007.
" Kehinde Wiley has gained recent acclaim for his heroic portraits which address the image and status of young African-American man in contemporary culture."
Mix of French Rococo, Islamic Architecture, and West African textile design to urban hip hop
Napoleon Leading the Army Over the Apls, 2005.
Based of Napoleon Crossing the Apl
Paint glorified pictures of African-Americans from the lower income cities from New York and Africa.
Randerson Romualdo Cordeiro, 2008, Oil on Canvas, 48"x36"
Laurie Lipton
As a child, she drew pictures of people being blown up by wars or cowboys and native americans hurting each other.
Fun Facts about
While living in Belgium, she read the entire English Library from A to Z except for the cooking and Gardening sections.
Laurie lives a life of self appointed solitude and treasures every movement in her work.
She creates Black and White pencil drawings about life in the 21st century.
Laurie has lived in Holland, Belgium, Germany and France and has made her home in London since 1986.
She graduated from in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing with Honors.
Lipton was inspired by the religious paintings of the Flemish School.
Starting drawing at the age of 4.
Created her own style while traveling through Europe with her own by building up thousands of fine cross-hatching lines.
During college, she wanted to create work that no one had every seen, she would sit in the library and copy old masters work to.
Since Laurie works so much, she requires herself to to go the gym 3 times a week just to stretch and work out her
back and neck muscles.
Charcoal and Pencil on paper, 87 x 109 cm,
Shepard Fairey
February 15, 1970
American contemporary Street Artist, Graphic designer, activist, and illustrator.
Emerged from the Skateboarding scene
First became know for "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" and Obama Hope Poster
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston calls him one of today's best know and most influential street artist.
Early Life
Starting putting his drawing on shirts and skateboards
Raised in South Carolina
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design.
Created "Andre the Giant Has a Posse" sticker campaign in 1989 while attending school in Rhode Island.
Power Offset
24 x 36 inch Lithograph offset.
Open edition
F. Scott Hess
All of the Goods for the World
Oil and Egg Tempera on Canvas
Born in 1955 in Baltimore, MD
*1979-83 attended Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria
*1977 Attended University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
1973-75 attended Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
Academy of Fine Arts
University of Wisconsin
Lawrence University
Described as a "New Old Master"
He narrative portraiture blends realistic scenes of everyday life with symbolic and allegorical events and humor.
He begins with drawings and careful diagramming on his canvases before adding traditional oil painting or egg tempera.
How Hess Works
Hess works are defined with strong brushwork, careful attention to flesh, and capturing light.
Painting Style
Referenced painters like Van Gogh or expressions from max Beckmann
First under paints flesh with purples and greens to give figures bruised and beaten look.
Then paints with reds, yellows, and turquoises.
Robert Bowen
San Francisco based artist
Self-Proclaimed "TV Baby"
Bowen wants to bombard the view with whatever insane and juvenile imagery that falls out of his head.
Bowen's work is strange, swirling with colors, not easily defined or understandable.
Takes familiar iconography and corkscrews it with his own unique brand of human and distinct painting style.
Compared to Ron English or Andy Warhol
Jesus Criss
Acrylic on Canvas
Andy Rementer
Grew up in a beach Town
Pulls ideas from past and love hand made typography, vintage colors, and flea markets.
Graduated from The University of the Arts in 2004
After school, moved to Italy, then relocated to East Coast. There is creates drawings, cartooning, painting, and animating.
Featured Art work
Because of his fresh ideas, his work is featured in a variety of sources including New York Times, MTV, Urban Outfitters, The New Yorker, Warner Brothers, Apartamento Magazine, and Creative Review.
Received the Young Gun Award
So What
From solo show "Going Places"
April 2012
Gouache (gwash) paintings on board
Jessica Halonen
Austin/San Antonio Based Artist
Permanent collection in the Museum of Fine Arts Houston and The Museum of Southeast Texas
MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire
Core Fellow at the Glassell School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at Trinity University
Master in Fine Arts, painting from Washington University in Saint Louis and Bachelor of Arts from Kalamazoo College

Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Austin Museum of Art
Park Project
Los Angeles
University of Texas Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts
Gouache (Gwash) on paper
RX Garden explores the relationships between the body, nature, medical world. It includes a series of gouache on paper portraits and plant-based drugs.
Roy Lichtenstein
October 27, 1923 - September 29,1997
American Pop Artist
Art's premise of pop art through parody.
Comic Strip was his main inspiration, hard edged, precise compositions, with a tongue-in-cheek (not taken at face value) humorous manner.
His work was heavily influenced by both popular advertising and the comic book style.
Roy described pop art as "not" American painting, but industrial painting
Most famous works:
Drowning Girl
Oh, Jeff...I Love You, Too...But...
Most Influential works:
Look Mickey
Most paid for:
Woman with Flowered Hat
bought in May 15, 2013. Sold for $56.1 million.
Drowning Girl
Oil and Synthetic polymer paint on canvas
67 5/8 x 66 3/4 inches
Bredan Monroe
Bredan mixes Science into his artwork.
Currently lives and works in Oakland, California with his wife and cat Jalapeno.
Every once and a while takes commissioned illustration, but most of the time he paints and sculpts for exhibitions.
Constantly challenges himself with ideas and new mediums.
School and Art
BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.
Bredan artwork has been show across the United State and Europe.
acrylic on paper
Wayne Thiebaud
Born: Nov. 15, 1920
Best known for his colorful works of commonplace objects (pies, lipstick, ice cream and landscapes.
Associated with Pop Art because of his interest in objects of the mass culture.
Thiebaud used heavy pigments and overemphasized colors with well defined shadows.
Early Life
Born in Mesa, AZ
Moved to Long Beach, CA
During High School, he apprenticed at the Walt Disney Picture Studto. Made $14 a week.
From 1983-1984 worked as a Cartoonist and designer in CA and NY
Earned his Bachelor's degree in 1951 and Master's degree in 1952 from California State University, Sacramento
Painter and Printmaker
Received the National Medal of Arts award in 1994
Three Machines

Edward Hopper
Born: July 22, 1882
Died: may 15, 1967
Born and raised in New York
Train as an illustrator at the New York School of Art in 1901
Travels to Europe for the first time in 1906.
Movies into a studio in Greenwich Village in New York
Marries Josephine Nivison and makes living from painting in 1924
First great retrospective at the MoMA in New York in 1933.
His work is presented at the Whitney Museum in NY in 1950.
About Hopper's Work
Great quality of stillness in the work.
They are situation without a clear story, in which people are waiting, and there are ot interactions between the characters.
All frozen scenes are taken place in typical american places, gas stations, diners, hotels, cinemas.
Makes of question, what will happen next...
Oil on Canvas
Gustav Klimt
Painted pictures with a subject of intense embrace, lavish cloth.
The Kiss was one of the most reproduced works of art by other artist.
1883 Starts a painting business with his brother and they start painting works of art in Museums around Vienna
1897 Becomes a co-founder of the Vienna Secession.
1902 painted a frieze in the building
1905 His clients are now from Upper Middle Class and his portraits are in demand.
1918 Dies February 6th.
1862 Klimt was born, July 14, near Vienna.
1876 attends Viennese College of Arts and Craft
The Kiss
Oil on Canvas
Edvard Munch
Francisco De Goya
Spanish Painter
Painter of the Spanish Crown
Romanticism Painter
All artwork had a strong light source and made you face reality.
The Third of May, 1808
Oil on Canvas
268x347 cm
Painting for the Court
Painted picture of the royal family or picture of the war
Darker Work
In his later year, he had a physical and mental break down, which lead to darker subject matter
Born: Dec. 12, 1863
Died: Jan. 23, 1944
Born in Loten, Norway
Painter and a Printmaker
Psychological Themes
German Expressionism
The Scream is his most famous work.
Raised by his father after his mothers death. He was a sickly child and spend most of his time drawing.
Father entertained his children by teaching them literature and history.
1879 enrolled in a Technical College to study Engineering.
A few years later he felt the college to become a painter. His disappointed his father. His father thought art was "Unholy Trade"
Enrolled at Royal School of Art and Design
The Scream
"I was walking along a path with 2 friends, the sun was setting, suddenly the sky turned blood red, I pasued, felling exhausted, and leaned on the fence, there was blood and tongues of fire above the blue-black water and the city., my friends walked on, and I stood there trembling with anxiety, and I sensed an infinite scream passing through nature."
Two versions of this painting, one was stolen in 2004 and then found.
Psychic Diary of Munch
There is no exit from the bridge.
The Scream
Oil, Tempera, and Chalk on Card
Perspective Drawing
Nathan Walsh
Born 1972 in Lincoln, UK

MFA University of Hull, UK (Studied from master painter, Clive Head)
BFA Liverpool School of Art, Liverpool, UK
Known as a Hyperrealism painter
What is Hyperrealism?
is a genre of painting and sculpture resembling a high-resolution photograph.
Little Russia
Oil on Linen
Born: 1976 in Amsterdam, Netherlands
:Street Artist:

Work in Digital Creative for many year, but in 2008, he quit and became an artist.
Theme: Contrast
"Meaning the good and the bad in our world. Only white can live through black and the other way around. That’s why I only paint in white and black."
Love Hate relationship with his work, but is inspired by the process itself.
Fun Facts
Licks his paint brushes, spits in his paint to make to smoother, and mixes paint on the back of his hand.
He would love to collaborate with Frida. While they would work on their painting, he tell her that not all men are horrible and he love to help her shave that dark unibrow.
Pop 7
Acrylic on canvas
40" x 40" (100 x 100cm)
SOLD for $4,500
Unusual Headdresses
& The Artist who create them
What is a War Bonnet?
Front Runners of Today:
Worn by Native American Plains Men who have earned a place of great respect in their tribe.
In the past it was worn for battle, today War Bonnets are wore for Ceremonial Occasions.
Meant to give power to the wearer.
Egyptian Art
During the 1300s Egyptians had headdresses to show who was a God or Goddess.
History of the Wig
To create a new identity
Egyptians Hated Hair
Roman wearing a Diadem Wig, Class status.
Wari People1000 C.E.
Queen Elizabeth I
1800s both men and Women
Today, Wigs are the norm.
Born 1975, TAKAYA started in Culinary in 2004, then started working as a Flower Artist in Kyoto.
Joshua Harker
Born 1970, American Artist, Considered a Pioneer in 3D Printed Art and Sculpture.
"Quixotic Divinity" Headdress, 3D Printing, 2014, 200 Hours to make
Dan Witz
Wassily Kandinsky
Born 1957 in Brookyln, NY
Street Artist and Realist Painter
Known as one of the pioneers of the street art movement.
Witz work has been shown in both US and Europe and featured in many magazines and books
Work can be seen in Banksy's film Exit Through the Gift Shop
Street Art
Started creating street art in 1970s
Attend Cooper Union (for the advancement of Science and Art)
Hated every minute of it. One night his studio was and artwork was vandalized. This is when he turned to street art.
ABC No Rio
Oil and digital media on Canvas
Born Dec. 16 1866
Died Dec. 13 1944
Russian Painter and Art Theorist
Credited as the first purely abstract works
Enrolled in University of Moscow to study Law and Economics
He was a great Lawyer, but was offered a position at University of Dorpat where he began his painting studies at the age of 30
Art Movement:
Expressionism and Abstract
Not only did he create art, but he taught Art.
He taught basic design classes and an advanced theory class at the Bauhus(House of Constructions)
Composition VI
Oil on Canvas
195x300 cm
Took 6 months to prepare
Frank Kozik
Born in 1962 in Madrid
American Graphic Artist
Known for making Alternateive Rock Band Posters
Stuckium Internatioal Art Movement found in 1999
Is an international art movement founded by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson to promote figurative painting in opposition to conceptual art.
Charles Thomson
A Single Woman in London is Never more than Six Inches from the Nearest Rat
Has worked with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Melvins, The Offspring, and many others.
Though know for his Screen Prints a rare painting was sold for over $4000. The Paint was of a Labbit
Moved to CA at 15, then joined the Air Force and moved to Austin, then back to CA
Nirvana Concert Poster
American Designer, Illustrator, and paint.
Born: March 27, 1970
Henry Rollins has commissioned him to create album covers and concert posters.
Highly sought after work because of the low editions.
Style of artwork
Layers of meaning
Socio-Political Commentary into pop culture imagery.
All work is hand-drawn then hand-silk screened for each editing. Most editions are around 300.
Brain Power
Born March 6, 1475
Died February 18, 1564
Italian sculpture, painter,architect, poet, and engineer of the Renaissance.
Considered the greatest living artist in his lifetime and now as greatest artist of all time.
Know as a Renaissance Man
What is a Renaissance Man?
is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.
Best Known Work
Both created before he turned 30
The Last Judgement
Back wall of the Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel Ceiling
40.5 meters long and 14 meters wide.
Tjalf Sparnaay
Born in 1954 in Harrlem, Netherlands.
Dutch Artist
Went to school to become a sport teacher, but instead became a self-taught photorealism artist.
Early Years
Before becoming an established artist, he made postcards to earn money.
Sparnaay's Art
Paints every day objects like breakfast, crushed cans, eggs, eaten food, or chips with mayo.
Painting refer to Dutch 17th century still-life
Largest Painting: 120 x300 cm titled FoodScape

Most paid for: over $130,000

Style of Art: Megarealism ( more advanced than hyperrealism
Bread with Ham and Egg
oil on canvas
English graffiti Artist, political activist, film director, and painter
His work is a combination of Dark Humor and stenciling graffiti.
Early Work
He quickly out grew the Bristol underground scene (musicians and artist working together)
He started as a freehand graffiti artist in 1990-94.
During this time he met his future agent who started to sell his artwork.
In 2000, he dedicated his work to stenciling because it took less time. Clams he changed his style while hiding from the cops.
First large mural was "The Mild Mild West" painting in 1997 and it covered an advertising of former solicitors' office.
No one knows what he looks like
During the 2000s, street art became popular and street artist created their artwork on canvas. They would also transform the enforcement into a street.
Banksy thought it was a juxtaposition idea, but still created works for the shows.
Theme = "revenge" or guerrilla warfare. He wants to show social class struggle, and mocking power.
Street Fighting
A Palestinian laborer works under a large wall painting on a building wall in the biblical city of Bethlehem in the West Bank.
Street Artist
Born 1978
Street artist who specializes in life-size wheatpaste prints and paper cutouts of human figures.
Attended Pratt University in Brooklyn
Started street art around in 1999
Large-Scale Installations in 2005
limited edition, 30
Street Pasting
Subject Matter:
Abandoned Buildings, Fire escapes, Water Towers, and Street Signs.
Started in 1999
She started wheat paste because she wanted to become one with the world. She literally paste her work to the world
Graphic Designers
Who is she?
Interactive art director at Facebook Creative Shop &
Lives in Brooklyn, but from Miami
What is an Interactive Art Director?
They design web and mobile content more than anything else, and make sure the their content gets the user where they need to go. They also have the final say on projects and pitch project ideas.
In 2014, she was named one of top 20 emerging Graphic Designers.
Specializes in vector illustration and hand lettering. Martinez's work is light and playful, mixing thoughtful typography with playful patterns.
Untitled (Valentines Design)
Graphic Design
Mark Ryden
Born: Janurary 20th, 1963 (52)
American Painter and is part of the Lowbrow (Pop Surrealist art movement
Known as the "God Father of Pop Surrealism"
What is Lowbrow?
LA art movement from the late 70s. Its a pop art movement with roots in underground comix, punk music, and hot-rod culture. It all is based around a sense of humor.
Pulls inspirations from anything with mystery: old toys, models, stuffed animals, skeltons, and items found in flea markets.
Where did Ryden come from?
Born in Oregon, then was raised in southern California.
Gradated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in 1987
Started as a Commercial Artist and created album covers for Michael Jackson, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aerosmith and created book covers for Stephen King.
Incarnation (#100)
Oil on Panel
First stencil appeared in 2006 but has been a graffiti artist for over 20 years
Osny Prison

Spray paint in on concrete
Size Varies
His choice of subject is to draw attention to those that society has forgotten about.
Guémy's daughter Nina is a popular subject of his stencil art. She has also become a stencil artist in her own right
Where the calm surroundings provide more opportunity for decision making, rather than being driven by the fast moving winds of change. - exhibit Sushi (2012)
Christopher St. Leger
Born in northwest Indiana in 1973.
Now lives in Lockhart, Tx.
: Degree from Miami University in Ohio-1995.
Studied at Budapest Technical University in Budapest, Hungary-2000.
Self-Taught painter
Work has been exhibited in
New York, Houston, Edinburgh,
Scotland, and just recently at the School
of Architecture at UT-Austin in 2014.
Started painting in watercolor
in the late 1990's.
His subject matter consists of
, a theme that ex-
plores city buildings, streets,
and skaters. Also paints
portraits and abstractions.
Oct. 2010 27x48
120112 Deep Sync
watercolor and ink on paper 27x48
As the Crow Flies, 2014

So why paint urbanscapes?
Christopher likes to explore the connection between mood and a place
He captures fleeting moments from parts of the world where he has traveled
His style is loose, something he has taught himself through experimentation
Austrian artist (1862-1918)
Ron Mueck
"Mask II"
Sculpture/Mixed Media
30 3/8 "x 46 1/2" x 331/2"
believed to be a self-portrait
Born-May 22, 1930
The Cocktail Party

15 free standing pieces
Mixed media
1949, studied painting at
Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris
1950, Arts Students League,
in New York
1951-4, Hans Hoffman school
in New York
Women and Dog, 1964
Subject Matter:
Life size figure arrangements
including portraits of public figures,
family, and friends in sculpture.
Part of the Pop Art Culture in the 1960's
and influenced by Andy Warhol and Roy
Lichtenstein, gained great recognition
Marisol turned to sculpture when
she took an interest in Mexican,
Pre-Columbian and American
Folk Art.
1961, she begins to incorporate drawing
, painting, & objects into more complex
life size arrangements. Used her own body and facial images frequently in her work
Andy Warhol
Born: Aug. 6th, 1928
Died: Feb. 22nd, 1987
Printmaker, Painter, Filmmaker, and photographer.
Early Life
As a child, he was dianosed with St. Vitus Dance (Sydenham's Chorea) sybdrum. This caused him to have involuntary moves and have skin pigmentation.
This lead to him becoming an outcast at school and his only Friend was his mom. During this time, started creating Art.
Universities attended: Univerity of Pittsburg, major: Art Educaiton.
Transferred: Carnegie institute of Technology Major: Commercial Art.
Career after College: Magazine advertising and layout artist in New York
Start of Pop Art
1950s: Started exhibiting artwork
1962: Exposed west coast to Pop Art and had his first solo show.
This show had the Marilyn Prints, Soup Cans, and other classic icons
Eight Elvises
Silkscreen on Canvas
200 cm x 370 cm
Luke Chueh
Born: March 7, 1973
Painter and graphic designer who part of the lowbrow/pop surrealism art movement.
Part of the LA art community
Early Life
Born in Philadelphia, but grew up in California (Fresno, CA)
BS in Arts & Design (Graphic Design concentration) from California Polytechnic State University.
Worked as a guitar manufacturing company Ernie Ball and as an illustrator/designer
Style of Art
Juxtaposition of cuteness with macabre
Influence by his childhood upbringing (chinese-american)
Awards for publications for communication arts and print Magazines
What is Macabre?
is the quality of having a grim or ghastly atmosphere. Macabre works emphasize the details and symbols of death. The term also refers to works particularly gruesome in nature.
Label Series- Lowbrow (and still a loser)

Acrylic + Ink
16" x 20"
Frank Frazetta
2/9/1928 - 5/10/2010
Fantasy and science fiction artist, noted for comic books, paperback book covers, paintings, posters, and LP records
Brookyn born and his grandma encounted him to create art and attended an Art School as a kid.
During his earlier carreer, he worked for different comic studios, until 1964, he created a painting for Mad magazie ad parody. Then he staretd stared movie poster like What's New Pussycat
Death Dealer

Takashi Murakami
Japanese contemporary artist
He coined the term "superflat"
Aesthetic characteristics of the Japanese artistic tradition and the nature of post-war Japanese culture and society.
The medium he work with is painting and sculptures well as fashion, merchandise, and animation and is known for blurring the line between high and low arts.
In 1996, Murakami launched the Hiropon Factory, his production workshop, in order to work on a larger scale and in a more diverse array of media.
His Factory inherits the atelier system which has long existed in Japanese painting, printmaking and sculpture and is common to anime and manga enterprises. In 2001, Hiropon Factory was incorporated as Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.
Of Chinese Lions, Peonies, Skulls, And Fountains
acrylic on canvas stretched on wooden panel
118 x 236 1/4 in. (299.7 x 600.1 cm)
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