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Ex Basketball Player : John Updike

No description

Janesa McCall

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Ex Basketball Player : John Updike

In the well: Andrew HUdgins
By: Janesa McCall, Byron Davis and Pashiana Salcedo.
Andrew Hudgins
He was born on April 22, 1951, in Kileen, Texas.
He was the son of an air force officer, so he had to move from base to base as a kid.
Although he moved a lot, he considered himself a southener, and his poems reflected that. He wrote with imagery and speech patterns of the the south.
He graduated from the University of Alabama with a Bachelors degree.
He currently teaches at Ohio State University.
What the poem means.
This poem is about a tragic childhood memory Andrew Hudgins had. His dad made him go in a well to retrieve the neighbors dog. He was extremely scared and thought he was going to die until his dad finally pulled him out, and he saw light and was able to breathe.
Question 1
The words and phrases in the poem that helped us relate to the speaker sense of fear are:
Stuck my head
Cinched the rope
Lowered me in darkness
Taste my fear
I shouted
Question 2
The author chose these words death and breath because they showed that he didn't have to be in fear anymore ,because his dad was pulling him out. Also, showing the dynamic aspect of the story , since the words are oxymorons it shows how fast and much the poem change.
Question 3
When he says "lowered me in the darkness", I can imagine him being lowered down the well with fear on his face. He repeats the words "then" many times to anticipate whats going to happen next.
Questions for in the well.
Ex Basketball Player: John Updike
John Updike
Born on March 18, 1932 in Shillington, Pennsylvania.
He was an only child
Even though she never got published, Updike was inspired by his mothers passion to write.
He wrote many novels, short stories, and famous poems.
He went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massechusetts.
He wanted to be a cartoonist as a child, and even went to the University of Oxford for graphic arts.
He worked for New Yorker magizine who has published his work since the 1950's.
He passed away January 27, 2009.
Question 2
Some sound words and alliteration used in the poem are:
Trolley Trucks
Question 3
In stanza 9, Updike talks about the basketball players and "their rubber elbows hanging loose and low". He means that their arms are long and non muscular.
Question 1
In the last stanza, the candy is compared to people in the stands applauding Flick Webb at a basketball game.
Free Verse: Poetry that does not have a regular meter or rhyme scheme.
Meter: the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or lines in verse.
Iambic Pentameter: rhythm of pairing ten syllables for each line into five pairs.

Literary Terms
What the poem means.
This poem is about Flick Webb, who wanted to be a professional basketball and he was really good in high school, but things did not work out for him. He ended up working at a gas station. Although he did not become a professional player, he still loved basketball, and reminisces on the good times he had when he used to play.
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