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Tourism in Thailand

No description

John Leone

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Tourism in Thailand

Tourism in Thailand Vietnam War Began in early 1960s
Soldiers from Vietnam came to Bangkok
Rest and Recuperation (R&R)

Bangkok in the 60's Increased tourism lead to hotel,
restaurant, nightlife expansion
Between 66-69, Americans spent
between 6.8-10.8 million USD
Tourism began in Bangkok, did not
spread out for some time
Tourism Today Overview Average of 14 million tourists enter Thailand anually
Made up 6.5% of country's GDP (2009)
Tourism industry, while very visible, does not bring
in nearly as much as the manufacturing industry
Int'l tourists spent 547 billion baht in 2008
Avg stay: 9 days (2007)

Int'l Visitor
Makeup Domestic Tourism # of domestic tourists dwarfs int'l #
Not as much revenue: less money and
time spent traveling
Avg trip: 2.5 days
83 million in country trips, 380 billion
baht in revenue (2007)
Avg daily expenditure: 1770 baht per person
as opposed to 4120 for int'l visitors

5 Most Visited Tourist Locations Bangkok Chiang mai Phuket
Samui Pattaya Established in 1959 by field marshall
Sarit Thanarat
Meant to take an active lead in developing
the up and coming industry
Organization still runs tourism in Thailand today
Revenues: 196 million baht (1960), 1.5 billion
baht (1969)
Centered in Bangkok Origins of Tourism Tourist Organization of Thailand Recent Events 2010 Red Shirt Protests Feb 26 Assets worth 46 billion baht
seized from former Prime Minister
Thaksin Shinawatra
Next day, M67 grenades thrown outside
3 branches of Bangkok Bank
United Front for Democracy against
Dictatorship (UDD) calls for elections
UDD (Red Shirts) followers of Thaksin, following
military coup of 2006
Started peaceful, but now death toll is at 25 as of April 25

Effects on Tourism 40 countries have issued travel advisories warning people about the problems in Thailand
After April 10, 100 commercial flights from China to Bangkok cancelled
Travel to Bangkok really only place affected
Chairman of the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT), Kongkrit Hiranyakit admitted Red Shirt activity has caused tourism industry decline of 25% revenue
President of the Thai Hotel Association, Prakit Chinamornpong, cited 20% check-in rate or even 10% at hotels in Bangkok
Check-in rate at upcountry hotels remained positive as 75-80% was claimed in Samui, Phangnga and Krabi, 50% in Pattaya and 30% in Chiang Mai

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