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Social Studies 7

No description

Raven Warford

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Social Studies 7

About Me!
Discussions (15%)
Project # 1: 8%: Dear Diary
Due: Friday September 4th, 2015
This is my 2nd year with Primavera! This is my 4th year teaching! I have a Bachelor of Arts in History from University of Arizona and a Masters in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University!
Extensions & Late Policy
lesson you will be asked to respond to 2 discussion questions with the goal of getting 20 points.
Extensions are granted on case-by-case basis
50% upon request
Project 3 completed
no skipped discussion boards
frequent communication w/Mrs. Warford
Grade Weights
Contact Information
: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM Lunch: 2-3
: raven.warford@primaveratech.org
Pacing Calendar
like comment share
Mrs. Warford
Social Studies 7: August 31- October 9th
Daily/Weekly Pacing Calendar

My Loves
Synchronous Sessions/Asynchronous =15%
Exams = 10 %
Checkpoints = 15 %
Discussions = 15
Projects = 25%
Workbooks = 5%
Final exams
Synchro-WHAT?! (15%)
Each week you will be required to attend
live session. This will count toward
15% of your grade
Please be sure to arrive on time! Anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late will have to attend another session

If you’re unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict.

Complete the alternative assignments by Sunday @ 11:59PM
They will be sent out Fridays after 5PM

With these discussions I want you to use specific
from your course.

The purpose is to show why the ideas/people/events are
Discussion Board FAQs
How many questions do I have to answer each lesson?
Answer TWO different questions each lesson from the list provided
Do I post my responses in the same post?
No, you need to respond to each question in a separate post.
Can I respond to other students?

Yes, I encourage you to reply to other students and share your thoughts. It is a great way to pick up extra points too!
How many points is each response worth?

Each response can earn up to 10 points.
What can I do to ensure I earn 10 points on every post?
It is pretty simple. Always respond with at least three sentences, use proper spelling and grammar, show original thought and answer the question directly and specifically. Most importantly, support your opinions with facts and always tell me why and how not just when and where.
Write a two-paragraph diary entry about a day in the life of a person l a large cotton plantation in the South.
400 + words
Proof read
Project #2: 8%: Friendly Letter
Due: Friday September 11, 2015
Imagine you are living in America in the mid 1800s. Write a letter to a friend who has stayed in your homeland and describe to him or her what an average day in your life is like
200+ WORDS
Project 3: Newspaper Article
DUE: Friday September 18, 2015
Your assignment is to write a 200-300 word newspaper article about an event during Reconstruction. You may choose the Ku Klux Klan, the Panic of 1873, Jim Crow laws, or another topic of your choice from the readings in Chapter 17.
Late Policy
Any assignments submitted after 7 day extension deducted 20%
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