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Soul of Great Bell

No description

Kyla Madjad

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Soul of Great Bell

The Soul of the
Great Bell

Who are involved?

Yong- Lo , emperor of Ming Dynasty

Kouan-Yu, official from the city of Peking

Ko-Ngai, the daughter of Kouan-Yu
Where did this happen?

A long time ago in the city of Peking. China during Ming Dynasty
When did this happen?

Ancient China, During the Ming Dynasty
What happened?
Yong- lo, the mighty emperor of the Ming Dynasty commanded the Kouan-Yu, one of his officials to cast a great bell of an enormous size that the sound of could be heard about 100 li. the bell should be made of brass, gold and silver. Furthermore, he ordered that he bell's lips should be engraved with blessed sayings.
Though all the master molders were tasked to cast the great bell, all the metals would not mix well. The bell they casted was cracked and fissured and split. there was ever no uniformity in the sound.
The mighty emperor heard of it and he was angry. He gave one final order that if the bell wouldn't be done, Kouan-Yu had to die.
This worried his beautiful daughter, Ko-Ngai who asked for a fortune-teller's advice to help his father. The advice was for the bell to be casted perfectly a virgin blood must be mixed with the metals.
Ko-Ngai sacrificed her life and leaped to the furnance. After, the casting of the great bell was accomplished.
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