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Island Project Intro


Paula Fritz

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Island Project Intro

Island Project
Geographical Terms
Define the Term
Find 2 examples
in the United States
Find an example in the World
Find/Draw A Picture
Bay - A natural inlet of water usually used as a shipping port.
San Francisco Bay,
California, USA
Green Bay,
Wisconsin, USA
Alum Bay, Isle of Wight
Montego Bay, Jamacia
Define the Term
Find examples
2 U.S.A.
1 World
Draw/Find Picture
Label Picture
Definitions must come
from reference materials
2 - points for score

Examples must include:
City/State, Country
2 - points for each example
6 --- points total
Find Pictures
Search images and find a picture to match the vocabulary word. It can be one of you examples for the US or World. It does not have to be. You choose.

Each vocabulary term is graded
as such:
*3pts - Word spelled correctly
and definition from research.
*3pts for each example - Name of place with city and state. 2 for US. **Name of place and country for world. Total 8pts

Work will be done on Goggle Classroom with Slides
Geography terms will
be graded by sections
at a time. Some time
will be given in class.
Work not finished will
need to be completed
at home.
This assignment will be
completed before you
can start the building
of your Island.

Good Luck and Have Fun!
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