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Entrepreneurship Club Kickoff Meeting Presentation!

Insight into the Entrepreneurship Club and the amazing things to come!

Ryan Locks

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship Club Kickoff Meeting Presentation!

A Chapter of CEO What is the Entrepreneurship Club? The Entrepreneurship Club was made for students who share a common interest in Entrepreneurship.

Whether you want to be, or already are an entrepreneur or just want to work with entrepreneurs or maybe you want to see if you like entrepreneurship The Entrepreneurship Club is for you.

Students do not have to be in the school of business to be a member.

There are no membership fees!

The club competes nationally each October at the national conference in Chicago! What happens at the meetings? The club will meet every Thursday at 9:15pm in either SC119 or SC120. Executive Board! Help Launch This Club To The TOP! At these meetings a few things will be taking place!
Guest Speakers
Information Sessions
Brainstorming Sessions
Elevator Pitches
Business Pitches
Event Planning
Business Plan Review
Crowd Funding! This Is Not Your Normal Club You will have the opportunity to work with and get advice from successful entrepreneurs
You do what you want with these connection take them as far as you
You could launch your own company or get an internship at an up and coming company
Currently 5 Positions Open Vice President Duties •Assist the President in his/her duties

•Assume the President’s responsibilities in his/her absence

•Work with the Marketing Director on getting corporate sponsorship

•Assist in special projects as assigned by the President The Director of Finance Duties •Work with the President to get the Club a budget and raise funds from outside organizations.

•Keep an accurate account of all funds received and expended

•Be responsible for creating budget reports at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester and as requested by the President or Vice President Director of Marketing Duties • Head all promotion and marketing for club events and meetings

• Ensure successful turn outs via effective advertising and communication throughout campus

• Take photos at events and meetings and upload them to our social networking sites.

• Continuously play an active in recruiting new members Director of Operations Duties •Coordinate all speaker events
•Establish a “set-up” team and a “clean-up crew” for each event
•Oversee that all foods and refreshments are adequate for the occasion
•Takes notes and records what is discussed at general and executive board meetings Director of Membership Duties •Notify members of meetings and events via email, Facebook, Twitter and/or telephone at least 48 and 24 hours in advance
•Continuously play an active role in recruiting new members
•Take attendance at all events and meetings
•Keep order during meetings
•Maintain accurate list of members and their contact information LIKE THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP CLUB! Ryan Locks
(631) 338-2116 Applications are due Saturday night at the latest you can hand the completed application to me by calling (631) 338-2116 and meeting me.

Interviews are taking place this Sunday from 12pm to 7pm in Mountainview
The link to pick your time is on the application! If this Sunday does not work for you please stay after the meeting and talk with me! tinyurl.com/d7wm6vo Quinnipiac
Entrepreneurship Club Our Virtual Guest Speaker! Thanks For
to Me Talk!
Now..... AND
MORE! Next Meeting Thursday March 28 9:15pm Student Center Room 119 John Coursen
Pylon Technology
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