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They Say, I Say Chapter 8

"As a Result": Connecting the Parts

Donna Elliott

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of They Say, I Say Chapter 8

The Four Strategies
1) Use transitional terms

2) Add pointing words

3) Develop a set of key terms and phrases

4) Repeat yourself, but with a difference
Use Transitions
Helps you cross from one point to another in your text
Repeat Key Terms and Phrases
Develop a "constellation of key terms and phrases" including their synonyms and antonyms

Helps build a sense of momentum

Bind the writing together as a unified whole; keeps the focus
They Say, I Say
Chapter 8
"As a Result": Connecting the Parts

Connect Your Writing

Establishes a sense of momentum and direction

Creates an expectation in the reader's mind

Helps your writing "flow smoothly"
Usually Placed at the Beginning of the Sentence
See list of transition words on 109-110
Make them as unobtrusive as possible

Combining sentences avoids "short, choppy" effect
Use Pointing Words
*They point or refer backward to some concept in the previous sentence

*Helps create a flowing, effortless movement

*CAUTION: Make sure there is only one possible object in the vicinity to which the pointer could be referring
Repeat Yourself--
But With a Difference
Build bridges between your ideas by echoing what you've just said while simultaneously moving your text into new territory.
Repetition is key to creating continuity in writing
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