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Drawing Climate Graph and Defition

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Crishelle Ladignon

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Drawing Climate Graph and Defition

Drawing Climate Graph and Definition
By: Crishelle Ladignon,
Alyanna Ramos,
Prince Pagaddu, and Zee Panikar
What is a Climate Graph?
It is a standard graph that uses bars to show the mean precipitation for each month and a line to show monthly temperature.
What is Climate?
It is a weather conditions at a certain place or region averaged over a long period of time.
It is a method of showing how is the climate going in certain places.
The purpose is, it gives the scientists an easy way to analyze a long-term conditions and to compare climate stations.
Drawing Climate Graphs
with Growing Season


Mark the twelve months across the bottom of a sheet of grid paper.
Mark a scale for the precipitation along the right side. Try for a scale starting with 0 mm at the base and going up by 10-mm steps. Mark "mm" at the top of your scale. Then, for every month, mark a line to show the precipitation for that month. Shade the bars blue.
Mark a scale for the temperature along the left side. Try for a scale starting at -30 degree celcius and going up by five-degree steps to 30 degree celcius. Mark "celcius sign" at the top of you scale. Then, for every month, Mark a dot in the middle of the month to show the average daily temperature for that month. Connect the dots with a smooth red line that goes right to the edge of the graph.
Draw a green line across the graph at 6 degree celcius. This is the average temperature at which many plants can begin to grow.

Then shade in green the zone that is under the temperature curve and above the 6 degree Celsius line. (Dont't colour over the precipitation bars.) This zone is called Growing Season, the average period of time during which plants can grow.

Write the station name at the top or bottom, along with the annual precipitation.
What is a Mean?
it is a term in Weather, also in Math.
What is Growing Season?
It is the average period of the year during which temperatures are higher than 6 degrees Celsius.
Conclusion of Climate:
Climate is very important to Earth. Climate has changes depending on the certain period because of the Earth's movement. This (Climate) has great effects on us and animals such as animal's shelter. Penguins live in the polar and because of the melting, they are losing their habitats. You might notice in the map that at the very North, it gets colder because it is at the edge of the Earth. Canadians have a very few farms because they need humidity (warmth). But the main thing, what is climate- Weather conditions at a certain place or region averaged over a long period of time.
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