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Florida Alternate Assessment "Procedural Manual"

The "Procedual Manual" Prezi is based on Florida Department of Education, BEESS Publication.

Karl Amundson

on 17 January 2016

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Transcript of Florida Alternate Assessment "Procedural Manual"

Florida Alternate Assessment
Spring 2012 Procedural Manual

The entire document is online at:
Karl Amundson, Alternate Assessment Coordinator
352-726-1931 x: 2854
Contact Information
Please refer to the Florida Alternate Assessment 2012-2013 Administration Manual for detailed instructions on test administration. (ESE teacher's role, give the test...)
Test Administrator Responsibilities
Before Testing
Florida Alternate Assessment Materials will arrive at your school by "Warehouse Delivery" on or before February 22, 2013

Contact Karl Amundson by email for Pick up of:
"TO BE SCORED" materials (light-blue labels) must be ready for pick up before March 22, 2013.
"NOT TO BE SCORED" materials must be received by Shred-It no later than: Friday, April 26, 2013 (shipped on or before Thursday, April 25, 2013).
ESE Teacher have participated:

Face to Face Workshop (new persons)
Refresher or Online Update (ESE Teachers have until February 25, 2013)

For Information about click on the links below:

Workshop (Face to Face): http://flalternateassessment.wikispaces.com/Alternate+Assessment+Workshop

Online Update: http://flalternateassessment.wikispaces.com/Alternate+Assessment+Online+Update
Administer Alternate Assessment
ESE Teacher may keep the "FAA" test materials in a secured location and must return materials to the Test Coordinator by the end of the day.
Receive Test Materials

Inventory the contents of your boxes within 24 hours of receipt and report missing materials to your district coordinator immediately. Request additional materials as necessary.

The district coordinator will provide you with the following materials, as appropriate for your school:
Test Booklets & Auxiliary Materials
• Packing List
• Test Booklet(s)
• Auxiliary Materials Set(s)

Scoring & Administration Materials
• Packing List
• Student PreID Roster
• Preidentified Answer Sheet(s)
• Non-preidentified Answer Sheet(s) (overage)
• Florida Alternate Assessment Security Checklists
• School Administration & Return Materials Kit – gray envelope
School Coordinator Responsibilities After Testing
Document Count & Return Summary Form
▪ Cover sheets for returning answer sheets
▪ Testing – Do Not Disturb sign
▪ Light Blue Label(s) – TO BE SCORED materials
▪ Light Green Label(s) – NOT TO BE SCORED materials
▪ TO BE SCORED materials return envelope
▪ District Coordinator ONLY return envelope
• Additional information - (one hard copy included – photocopy as needed):
▪▪ Florida Test Security Statute & Rule and Florida Alternate Assessment Test
Administration & Security Agreement

If you need additional materials or have questions, contact your district coordinator.
Auxiliary test materials have been designed to be used more than once. A separate checklist has been provided for tracking the distribution and return of materials to locked storage.
Contact Karl Amundson:
352-726-1931 ext: 2854
Missing Materials/
Breaches of Administration Procedures,
Page 12
Florida Test Security Statute and Rule, Appendix A, Page 44-47.

Administration and Security Agreement

Spring 2013 Florida Alternate Assessment
Test Administration & Security Agreement, Appendix B, Page 49.
1. The student testing window for 2013 runs from Monday, February 25, 2013 through Friday, March 29, 2013, but Citrus County has Spring Break so our last testing date will be March 22, 2013. Test materials are scheduled to arrive between Friday, February 15, 2013 and Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Once materials have been inventoried at a district-level, they can be distributed to schools for testing.

2. There will be two forms of the assessment for each grade level, Form A and Form B. Both forms will contain a total of 20 items for each academic area.

3. The security of all test materials must be maintained before, during, and after test administration. Please carefully read the Test Security Policies and Procedures on pages 11-15 to ensure that you are following the correct procedures. District coordinators must require that principals, school coordinators, and test administrators sign a Florida Alternate Assessment Test Administration and Security Agreement, provided in Appendix B.
Reminders for 2013 (Page 5)
Florida Alternate Assessment
District assessment coordinator - manage the district’s process of distribution and collection of test materials, including training of school coordinators regarding test security and procedures, and implementing security measures.
Alternate assessment coordinator - responsible for training test administrators to assess students.
Introduction (Page 4)
Florida Stardards Alternate Assessment
Testing Window:
Elementary & Middle School
February 29 - April 15, 2016
High School
March 15, 16 or 17 - April 29, 2016

Spring 2016
Procedural Manual Operational Assessment

2. Contact Karl Amundson upon completion of the Alternate Assessment to complete the "materials for return"

Karl will assist schools in preparing materials for the return to the district.

I have the "Gray District Return Envelope"
Pages 23 – 30
School Coordinator Responsibilities
After Testing
2. Organizes Materials for Testing
Forms A and B:
Packing List
Student Booklets
Student Answer Sheet
Auxiliary Materials
Florida Alternate Assessment
Test Booklet & Student Answer Sheet Security Numbers, Page 12-13

Recommend, don’t complete the answer sheet until the entire test is completed. Record answers and notes in the "Test Booklets".
I can provide you a list of persons eligible to administer the Florida Alternate Assessment
The "Prezi" presentation was adapted from the Florida Department of Education "Procedural Manual" for the Florida Alternate Assessment
Please note that the term, “district coordinator,” is used throughout this manual to mean either district assessment coordinator or alternate assessment coordinator.
TO BE SCORED materials (light-blue labels) include
Florida Alternate Assessment, Document Count & Return Summary Form
Scanable Answer Sheets
Email Karl Amundson before March 22 for pick up of "TO BE SCORED" materials.
After Spring Break, Email Karl Amundson to pick up
Reminders (Page 5)
Test Administration Policies and Procedures
Test Document Configuration
Page 6 - 10
Florida Statute and State Board of Education Rule
Florida State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.042, FAC, was developed to meet the requirements of the test security statute, Section 1008.24, F.S., and applies to anyone involved in the administration of a statewide assessment. The rule prohibits activities that may threaten the integrity of the test. See Appendix A for the full text of the Florida Test Security Statute and Rule.

Examples of prohibited activities are listed below:
• Revealing the passages, test items, or performance tasks prior to testing
• Copying the passages, test items, or performance tasks
• Interpreting test items or passages for students
• Changing or otherwise interfering with student responses to test items
• Causing achievement of schools to be inaccurately measured or reported

The security of all test materials must be maintained before, during, and after test administration. Under no circumstances are students permitted to handle secure materials before or after test administration.
Test Security Policies and Procedures, Page 11
Example on Page 6
You can download a copy of the Manual online at:
NOT TO BE SCORED (Light Green Labels) materials must be received by Shred-It no later than: Friday, April 26, 2013
TO BE SCORED materials must be received by Piedra Data Services no later than: Friday, April 05, 2013 (shipped on or before Thursday, April 04, 2013).
School coordinators - manage the process of distribution and collection of test materials and enforce security measures at the school. (Pages 20-22, 23, 24-30)
District coordinators must require that principals, school coordinators, and test administrators sign a Florida Alternate Assessment Test Administration and Security Agreement
Since there are several pieces in each grade-level auxiliary materials set, these materials do not contain security numbers.
Test Invalidation Policies and Procedures, Page 16

Defective Materials
Test Booklets
Auxiliary Materials
Answer Sheets

Contact: Karl Amundson
Receive Materials

The school coordinator will provide the test materials needed to administer the Florida Alternate Assessment; however, review the Florida Alternate Assessment 2012-2013 Administration Manual to determine which teacher-gathered materials are needed for each grade level administration. Secure materials should be picked up prior to each administration.

You should verify that you have all necessary materials. See Test Document Configuration section (pages 6-10) for a list of documents, by grade, needed for each administration.
ESE Teacher's Responsibility
School Coordinator Responsibilities
Before Testing
Receive Test Materials

Test Booklet & Auxiliary Materials
Scoring & Administration Materials

Additional information:
Florida Test Security Statute & Rule and Florida Alternate Assessment Test Administration & Security Agreement

Contact Karl for addition materials or if you have any questions.
Please remember that after ANY administration (FAA), materials must be returned immediately to the school coordinator and placed in locked storage.
No more than 3 persons should have access to the locked storage room. Test booklets and answer sheets should never be left unsecured.
Secure materials may not remain in classrooms or be taken out of the building overnight.
Materials must be tracked by using the security numbers described later in this section.
Secure documents should never be destroyed (e.g., shredded, thrown in trash, etc.), except for soiled documents, as described on page 13.
Missing Materials/Breaches of Administration Procedures
School coordinators must verify that all secure materials identified on the packing list are received and should report any mispackaged materials or any missing secure documents to their district coordinator immediately. (Contact Karl Amundson by email: amundsonk@citrus.k12.fl.us)
ESE Teacher checkout materials using the "Security Checklists"
Locked Desk or Filing Cabinet
Test Administrator Responsibilities
During Testing
Maintain Test Security
Contact Karl Amundson
if you have missing or soiled test materials.
1. Give "Teacher Survey Invite Letter" to
ESE teacher
Florida Alternate Assessment Resources online:
Florida Alternate Assessment Materials:

Administration Manual

Teacher Administration Manual - Print Date: September 2012 (PDF, 2MB)
2012-13 Object Exchange List (PDF, 1MB)
2012-13 Cards/Strips and Teacher Gathered Materials List (PDF, 52KB)
2012-13 Procedural Manual
Go online and download at: http://www.fldoe.org/asp/altassessment.asp
Distribute Administration Survey to Teachers...
Online Manual
Full transcript