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Chris Archer v. New Columbia case Overview

No description

Grand Haven

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Chris Archer v. New Columbia case Overview

Defendants Motives
Chris Archer v. New Columbia Case Overview
On November 22, 1997, Milan Jackson fell to her death from atop a 26 foot tall clock tower. This event unfolded on the final night of the Greek fraternity Phi Gamma's Pledging week. During which, incoming freshmen interested in becoming a member of the fraternity were instructed to complete multiple tasks and activities outside of their comfort level, in order to prove they may be worthy of membership. On this final night, known as “Hell Night” each pledge was blind folded and instructed to complete one final task. While Mila was blindfolded the defendant whispered into her ear, after which the Mila rushed towards the clock tower with the fraternity flag in hand. Upon investigation following Milas death it was revealed she had a blood alcohol content of .10%, the defendant's was .11%. The legal limit of intoxication is .08%.

-Milan Refused to sleep with defendants best friend Brian when defendant asked, angering Chris and the rest of the fraternity which resulted in them continuously harassing her.

-The defendant was worried Milan may report their hazing to the Dean which would have resulted in charges being filed against the defendant.

-The defendant stated that he disliked Milan’s cocky overconfident attitude, as well as that he was “hurt by her attitude at times”.

These motives do not individually seem to justify the brutal consequence of murder. However when compiled over a short stressful period in the defendants life these seemingly small issue developed into a larger problem for Mr. Archer. The defendant therefore proceeded to solve his problem through the murder of Milan.
The opportunity for the Defendant to kill Milan was presented on November 22, 1997 after he “Pressured all of the pledges to drink” according to the witness Pat Smith. This decreased Milan ability to judge risk, making her easier to influence. During this time during which it was physically obvious that Milan was impaired due to alcohol consumption the defendant asked her to hang the fraternity flag. When the defendant had earlier talked to Milan he stated that if she would like to impress the fraternity she would have their flag flown from the clock tower. The defendant never suggested any other location from which the flag could have been flown, therefore he implied that Milan was to fly it from the clock tower. The defendant then proceeded to follow Milan to the top of the tower as depicted in his statement. Placing him at the location from which she had fallen to her death.
Chris archer v. New Columbia Opening Statements
- Pre-meditation of crime
- The Defendant influenced Milan to drink in order to decrease her perception of risk, as well as make her death look like an accident
- The Defendant asked Milan to hang fraternity flag from the clock tower
- The defendant follows Milan to the top of the clock tower, making sure he is ahead of all other witnesses
- The defendant reveals himself, and pushes Milan from the top of the clock tower
- The defendant than begins to drink in an attempt to calm his nerves, as well as form a defense in the event of a future trial
Order of Events
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