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Discussion Board, Blog, or Wiki

No description

Tori Waskiewicz

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Discussion Board, Blog, or Wiki

How and when to use a discussion board, blog, or Wiki in an online course.
Selecting a tool
Each tools can bring interactivity to an online course

Select the tool that best meets the needs of the students and the learning objective of the course.

Each tool can include/embed supporting media (creating a mashup tool)
Discussion Boards
Group collaborative "document"
Not as personal as Blogs or Discussion Boards/threads
Create new or edit existing content

Write a “document” to answer or discuss a topic
Running list of resources
Lab experiments and findings
Test review or study guide
Collection of examples
Sign up form

Discussion board,
or Wiki
Discuss topics
Participate in a debate or a side discussion
Discussions are continued outside of class time
Hierarchy Layout - pros and cons

Discussion of specific topics posted by faculty
Possible topics for a project or paper
Expand topics in a Blog or a Wik

Students communicate their opinions and knowledge of a topic.
Expand writing through comments and feedback.
Works best if you have comments/questions directly related to the post.
Individual or Course Blogs can be created.

Post personal reflections/opinions
Post written papers
Evaluate a case study
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