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STD Review


Ryan Feehan

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of STD Review

STD Review This is an unusually high occurrence of a disease in a certain place during a certian time period. Itching or burning when urinating What is Urethral Meatus True or false: Chlamydia is a viral disease. The most common symptom in this STD is a yellow colored discharge True or false: It is very uncommon to have gonorrhea and chlamydia at the same time. This bacterial infection is known as drip because of the symptoms of fluid like discharges. Trichomoniasis is a non-curable bacterial disease how are herpes spread? This STD has PAINFUL blisters and skin ulcers that appear where infected. Is HPV curable? This virus can cause genital warts True or false: Syphilis is always curable. This virus is spread in three main ways: infected bodily fluids, infected blood (or blood products), from an infected mother during pregnancy and birth. What is another term used for candidiasis? Is there a cure for hepatitis? PID stands for what? True or false: Scabies can be prevented with a condom. Now lets see who knows the STD's discussed in class.
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