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No description

Jeremy Dassow

on 24 September 2010

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Transcript of WORLD MUSIC!

MUSIC OF THE WORLD! JAPAN ISRAEL DEFINITION INSTRUMENTS STRUCTURE Kanji = Ongaku On = Sound + gaku = fun, comfort TYPES GAGAKU NOH FOLK MUSIC Orchestral Court Music "Elegant Music" Yo Scale Sting, Wind, Percussion Musical Theater or Opera Lengthy, All Day Historical Masked Characters Chant Music Biwa Hoshi Blind Musicians Work, Religious, Chilren, Gathering Sakura, Sakura Taiko Gong vs. Tam-Tam Koto No Beat Improvised Yo Scale CULTURE Hebrew Calendar Saturday = Sabath Israelite Hebrew Jew Tel Aviv Jerusalem MUSIC Dance Music Line Dancing Temani Horah Folk Music . . __ Influences Immigrants Russia Klezmer Middle Eastern Nationalistic View Homophonic Modal Limited in Range Right to Left Rikudim Rikud = dance Jewish dances "in the stlye of"
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