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Romans 5

No description

Pastor Chris Cahill

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Romans 5

Roman 5
. . . and hope does not disappoint us because it is founded on God's love poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit (verses 3-5)
The more complete the picture of sin is, the more complete is the picture of grace
This is why Luther could say
If you are a preacher of mercy, do not preach an imaginary but the true mercy. If the mercy is true, you must therefore bear the true, not an imaginary sin. God does not save those who are only imaginary sinners. Be a sinner, and sin boldly, but let your trust in Christ be stronger, and rejoice in Christ who is the victor over sin, death, and the world.
Our Story So Far . . .
since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand
Adam and Jesus
Just so you know . . .
The many were made sinners through Adam's disobedience
The point of the law of God isn't to tell us what we are to do or not to do
What the TRESPASS OF ADAM brought
sin and death (12)
death for the many (15)
judgment and condemnation (16)
reign of death (17)
condemnation (18)
What the gift of Christ brought
life (implied - 12)
God's grace (15)
Justification (16)
Reign of life (17)
Justification and life (18)
The many will be made righteous through Jesus' obedience
Verse 19
Jesus has given us
Peace with God
Access to grace
Standing with God
We receive these by faith!
Now we can boast in the hope of the glory of God and in our own sufferings . . .
. . . because now we know that suffering produces perseverance . . .
. . . and perseverance produces character . . .
. . . and character produces hope . . .
The point of the law is to show us that we sin much and deserve nothing but punishment, no matter how hard we try!
The more complete the picture of condemnation is, the more complete is the picture of salvation
The more complete the picture of death is, the more complete is the picture of life
Today's chapter is
Romans 5 says a lot about our forefather Adam.
One of these gentlemen is Pastor Cahill's Great-great-Grandfather Uriah Cahill
Also FYI: All of them are gentlemen; and all of them are sinners, too
(or V)
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