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English II 6th Six Week Calendar

English II 6 week calendar 2015

Victoria Gallen

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of English II 6th Six Week Calendar

Read Non-Fiction Books
Read about reliable sources
Work on Research Source Notes
HW: Submit at least 4Research source notes to turnitin.com by 9:00 PM tonight
Day One
A= Monday April 20

Day Two

A=Wednesday, April 22

Reading Everything's an Argument.
Read pgs. 3-6
Read your assigned pages
Logical Fallacy Notes and Presentations
HW: Part Three and Part Three of Fasttrack due on Day Fifteen (B=4/16 and A=4/17)
Day Three
A=Monday April 27
Day Four
A= Wednesday April 29
Day Five
A= Friday May 1
Day Six
A= Monday May 4 (EOC TESTING WEEK)
Day Seven
A= Wednesday May 6 (EOC TESTING WEEK)
Day Eight
A= Monday May 11
Day Nine
A = Wednesday May 13
Day Ten
A= Friday May 15
Day Eleven
A= Monday May 18
Day Twelve
A= Wednesday May 20
Day Thirteen
A= Friday May 22
Day Fourteen
A=Wednesday, May 27

Day Fifteen
A= Friday, May 29
Final Exams
Monday, June 1
Tuesday, June 2
Wednesday, June 3
Thursday, June 4
Read Non-Fiction Books
Embedding quotations correctly
Work on Research Summary

Read Non-Fiction Books
Work on Research Summary
HW: Research Summary is due to turnitin.com by 9:00 PM on Friday May 1
Into the Wild
Create Your Own Graphic Novel
Read Non-Fiction Book and complete journal entry #3
Work on Final Draft of research paper
Due Monday May 18th to turnitin.com
Read Non-Fiction Books

Edit and Revise paper

Work on Presentations : due either Friday or Wednesday

Read Non-Fiction Books

Work on Research Presentations
Read Non-Fiction Book and complete last journal entry #4
Research Presentations
Research Presentations
Research Presentations and
Review for Final Exams
Chapter 4 Notes:
Look on Page 74. Describe the "Luck" present on this page.
What is foreshadowed on page 78?
Using context clues, what do you think "shlepped" means? (pg. 79)
What is interesting or noteworthy in Panel 3 on page 80?
Artie interrupts Vladek on pages 81-82. Why? What do we learn about Artie?
Give an opinion: Why do people show up for inspections?
Chapter 5 Notes:

1- What stylistic differences do you notice from the Maus comic compared to the Prisoner on the Hell Planet comic?
2- What happened to Richieu?
3- Describe the "Mouse Hole" on page 110.
4- What does TAKKA mean on page 124?
4- Look at panel 5 on page 125. What symbol do you notice?

Chapter 6 Notes:
Make an assertion: why does Vladek want to save money and things so much? What details from his past help you understand his thrift?
Look on page 138. How does Spiegelman show you that the Jewish people are hiding?
What do you think of the ethical dilemma that the Polish woman faces on pages 142-143. Do you agree with her decision to kick out Anja and Vladek?
Look on page 157. What details are significant or important?
Why does Artie call Vladek a murderer at the end of the book?

Read Non-Fiction Book
Work on Final Draft of Research Paper
Due: Monday May 18th to turnitin.com

6th Six Weeks English II: Non Fiction and Research

Read Non-Fiction Books
How to properly embed quotations: See Debate on pages 22-23
Work on Research Summary
HW: Research Summary due to turnitin.com by Friday May 1 at 9:00 PM
Read Non-Fiction Books- Journal #2
Work on Research Summary
Research Summary is due tonight to turnitin.com by 9:00 PM

Monday: Work on computers in library on Introduction paragraph. Due to turnitin.com by 9:00 PM. Use the prezi and handout to complete
Color code the sample paper: Use 4 crayons or colored pencils to mark the paper-

Internal citations: Author's name and page number in parenthesis (Gallen 34) .
Quotations: someone else's writing. In quotation marks "Mr. Uhler is a good teacher, but he is not cool" (McLean 2).
Student's writing: Answers the research question. Makes assertions regarding the evidence. will be most of the paper.
Paraphrase: Taking someone else's words and changing the words to suit your purpose. SHOULD ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED BY AN INTERNAL CITATION! Mr. Uhler's teaching ability is first rate, but he is not considered cutting edge (McLean 2).

Read Non-Fiction Book
Work on Thesis Statement for Research Paper
Writing Conferences
Read Non-Fiction Book
Introduction Paragraphs with CORRECT Thesis Statements! Revise intro paragraphs or complete
HW: Intro paragraphs due May 11th

Read Non-Fiction Book
Work on Final Draft of research paper.
Due: Monday May 18 to turnitin.com
Should the US pass stricter gun-control laws?
Does the US need tougher gun-control laws?

Provide properly embedded evidence with an internal citation.
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