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fixed gear bicycles

No description

rafael arias

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of fixed gear bicycles

Parts Fixed Gear Bike vs
Any Other Bike Culture Over the years fixed gear bicycles have been a trendy, nevertheless, reliable form of transportation. Modifying a fixed gear bicycle to your own specifications could be an enjoyable hobby. Fixed Gear
B cycles Ability to pedal backwards make the impressive track stand
Keeping your balance Unique Pedals can be used to slow down the bike Handlebars are customizable Fixed gear bikes are not a new invention
First bikes ever made Indoor racing
New York's Madison Square Garden was originally built for a velodrome Bike messengers Perform unique tricks
Commuters Future Fixed Gear
Cog Bolted directly to the hub
Cog is on the rear wheel
Pedals go same speed as the rear wheel Personal Experience Public Different kinds of handlebars Handlebars Crank Drives the rear wheel
Consists of a chain ring
Crank arms
Connected to pedals Pedals Regular pedals
BMX pedals
Clips (shoes needed) Straps and Cages Cages attached to pedal
Straps hold the cage together
Loosen or tighten Forks Holds front wheel
Allows rider to steer and balance the bike Rims 2 rims
Weight and material affects performance Stem Holds handlebars
Different kinds
Standard stems
Quill stems History Size Gear Ratio Indoor Racing Still around today
Featured in the Olympics
Frames got lighter Simplicity Brakeless
Customizable Skid Track Stand Thesis Cliques Crews
Some dedicated to just simply tricks
Long distance
Cruise around Competitions Street races
Trackstand competitons
Skid competitions
Get togethers (for fun) Hollywood Movies
Documentaries Building the best bike
Opening up a bike shop
Organizations for the youth Thank You For Your Time
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