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Julia Murphy

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Andra Kidwell, Molly Marcusse, Rachel Mauro, and Julia Murphy U.M.D. Library Student Employee
Guidelines University of Maryland
Library Student Employee
Employment Guidelines Conclusion Deliverables:
-formal job description
-contract of behavior for students
-probationary period guidelines
-policies for regular evaluation sessions
-student daily task list
-feedback forms
-student communication portal
-student directory Probationary Period & Regular Evaluation Our Process Picture of bulletin board https://drive.google.com/?authuser=0#folders/0BxaWpGYYI6ShZy01VEp4TG50ZEU Student Communication Portal Job Description Job Description original assignment was to work with McKeldin librarians to create an all-library cross-training program
we met with Cinthya Ippoliti and Sharon Epps who were part of the cross-training committee
due to conflicting project timelines, theirs and ours, we settled on the student library employee project
we worked closely with Judi Kidd who is the student supervisor at McKeldin Library
we spoke with student employees at on and off campus libraries to better understand the different training and communication practices at each library Contract Recommendations:
student supervisor who would have the additional responsibility of being mediator between the supervisor and the students
protocol for student employees to file complaints or comments about managers Feed Back Forms Formal Job Description Contract of Behavior for Students Daily Task List & Feedback Form
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