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Biology assignments and assessments 2013

No description

lucy bush

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Biology assignments and assessments 2013

Biology assignments and assessments
Animal Tissues
Assignment 4:
Animal Skeletal Systems
To achieve a pass:
Section 1:
Using 2 animals of your choice (i.e a prey and a predator), identify and label their sensory organs in a presentation (i.e prezi or power point) giving the locations of all the sensory organs and the stimuli to which they are responsive

Section 2:
Identify the structure and function of the sensory organs in 2 animals
To achieve a merit:
Explain in your presentation the different sensory adaptations of two selected species . Identify each sensory adaptation and explain its advantage to the animal
Assignment 1
Animal senses
To achieve a distinction:
in your presentation, analyse how the anatomy of the sensory organs differs in selected predator and prey species.
Assignment 2
To achieve a pass
Label the interactive diagram of the skeleton under test conditions and describe 5 functions of the skeleton.

Describe adaptations of 2 animals living in different environments.
To achieve a merit:
Identify and indicate the location of the main joint types of the skeleton and write the function and structure of each joint type you have labelled under test conditions.
Assignment 3
To achieve a pass:
Under test conditions, categorise the different tissue types (using pictures provided) and explain the structure and function of each of these main tissue types in the animal body.
To achieve a merit:
In your test, describe the sliding filament theory of muscle contraction using drawings.

To achieve a distinction:
Compare the structure and function of both sensory and motor neurones in terms of their differing functions (under test conditions).
To achieve a pass:
Section 1:
In a test, identify animal cell organelles and describe the function of each organelle as they are labelled

Section 2:
Identify and label stages of mitosis and meiosis from diagrammatic pictures
To achieve a merit:
Identify the stages of mitosis and meiosis from unlabelled microscopic slides of cells at each stage under test conditions
To achieve a distinction:
In the test, describe how the structure of cell types relate to their functions in the body, i.e how are they specialised for their functions.
To achieve a distinction:
In the test, compare how evolution has influenced the design of the skeleton for two animals of your choice.

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