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Midwest Google Summit - Picasa Photo Albums

No description

Caleb Hundt

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Midwest Google Summit - Picasa Photo Albums

"Picasa 3" is a downloadable tool
that lets you easily organize, edit,
and share your photos! Web Albums What is Picasa? "Picasa Web Albums" is a
website that works with
Picasa 3 to allow you to upload
your pictures to the web How do I install and use Picasa? Benefits? How do I implement Picasa? Drawbacks? Picasa works through
Google, so you don't
even have to create
an account or username! Together, Picasa 3 and Web
Albums work simultaneously
to give you access to all
of your pictures at anytime. Picasa also works with
"Google Plus",Which means,
you can tag photos of your
friends/students, and
Picasa's face recognition
software will find and organize all of their photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #7 #8 #9 #10 Changes to
your computer?
Click YES! #6 #11 #12 #13 Picasa 3
Install How to Use Picasa Picasa 3 - Import Picasa 3 - Edit Picasa Web One of the best things for districts that have "Google Apps" is that Picasa is owned by Google. Allowing Picsa to work well with all other Google Products. Such as Sites, Docs, and Youtube. Personalize your Google Site Use Picasa to liven up your Google site. Use it's unique interface to edit and enhance graphics. Yearlong Student Learning Create a student website and
teach your students how to use
Picasa and have one student be the
class photographer, while another
is the Picasa web designer. Use across your PLN Share your proudest moments
with your personal learning network.
Showcase your lessons and ideas
with your blog and twitter followers Personal Use Allow your closest family
members and friends access to your albums. Decide what ablums you want your coworks to see and what ones you want your family to see. Once figured out, Picasa is very cool and easy to use. The downloadable software and web album interface work very well with one another. Editing Tools Picasa has a very
extensive list of editing
tools. It has color changing
options as well as picture
and text add-ons. Need I say More?
Picasa is one of the only
photo editors to give
you access to
everything at one
low price. FREE! Google is trying drastically
to mimic Facebooks success.
Google Plus is great, in its own
regards. Picasa is Google's version of facebooks photo tagging. This sometimes gets
in the way of using Picasa as
an educational tool. Rather
than a social media tool. Picasa can be confusing
if you aren't willing to
sit down and learn the
process. Without help
sites things would be
really difficult. Picasa doesn't play
well with others. You
have to commit to it
as a photo host. It doesn't
mesh that well with
other domain sites other
than Google. Questions??? Midwest Google Summit Picasa Photo Albums @bakke3129 @hundtcaleb #mwgs
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