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Leadership Development portfolio

Final Assessment

Desta Shaw Naka

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Leadership Development portfolio

Highlights from the year :) Block 8 class

Sound Track to My Life

Quick Click

Freedom Writers

Inspirational Leader Project

Teach us what You know
whats my sentence
front page calloge

I am planning on volunteering at a science camps for kids tis summer.

Personal Life:
I alwasy try to accept people, and be kind to them.
I smile at every one I see, in the hope they will smile at others in return.

Other Programms at Okm:
I participated in the environmental mind grind.
I also participated in the mayors youth forum.
I also went to a social justice conference "beyond the band-aid".

to be your best self whenever possible and encourage others to be there best self. Leadership Skills:
good listener
potential for development
be less self concious
accept critism
be less influenced by what others say
Leadership Goals and Steps to accomplish them: Get more involved with leadership at okm:
im going to be in LEX next year
I am plannng on joing the social justice club next year.

Encourage others to be more accepting of each other:
be a role model in this area.
let them know if there being un accepting

Demonstarting leadership?? Leadersip 9/10 2010 Leadership definition Leadership Highlights By Desta Shaw Naka
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