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Young Adult Books on Child Abuse

No description

Elizabeth Gandy

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Young Adult Books on Child Abuse

"Child abuse can have damaging effects not only on the children who suffer it, but on communities that must address the aftermath of abuse"

Abused children are 25% more likely to experience teen pregnancy.

In a study of young adults who suffered child abuse or neglect, 80% met criteria for at least one psychiatric disorder by age 21, including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide attempts.

In a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study of homeless youth, it found that 46% of those surveyed had escaped a home where they suffered physical abuse, and 17% left because of sexual abuse.

Children who experience child abuse and neglect are 59% more likely to be arrested as a juvenile, 28% more likely to be arrested as an adult, and 30% more likely to commit violent crime.

(Safe Horizon)
More Than Bruises Are Left Behind
Curtisoty of Safe Horizon
As teachers we are needed to help get the conversations started...books can help start that conversation!
Push by Sapphire
An illiterate 16 year old girl struggles through sexual abuse by her father and physical abuse by her mother. Pregnant with her second child, by her father, a teacher helps her turn to writing to find her own life.
Sold by Patrick McCormick
A story about a young girl who thinks her stepfather is sending her away to work as a maid to help the family earn money, but soon finds out that she was actually sold into child prostitution.
Human Trafficking
Young Adult Book Theme:
Child Abuse

Presented by: Elizabeth Gase and Cathy Bell
The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez by Alan Sitomer
The Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez tells the story of a Mexican-American high school girl whose family feels she needs to worry more about helping the familia instead of focusing on school and her own dreams.
Physical/Mental Abuse
Boot Camp by Todd Strasser
Main character Garrett is sent to a behavioral boot camp to straighten out his bad behavior, but the reason for his behavior is the physical and psychological abuse he has endured.
Goodreads (2014). Popular ya child teen abuse books. Retrieved from http://

Goodreads (2014). Popular ya child teen abuse books. Retrieved from http://

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Wetta, M. (2013). Mend a broken heart: Homeless and abused
teens in YA fiction. Retrieved from http://www.yalsa.ala.org/thehub/2013/02/20/mend-a-broken-heart-homeless-and-abused-teens-in-ya-fiction/.

Young Adult Reading List (2013). Daily list of awesome books: Human
trafficking awareness day. Retrieved from http://www.yareadinglist.com/2013/01/human-trafficking-awareness-day.html.
In this memoir we learn of 8 year-old Shyima Hall's experiences of being sold by her parents to serve as a child slave. Working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, Shyima not only suffers slavery in her home country of Egypt, she is later smuggled into California to continue to server her "owners".
Victor suffers from physical abuse at school and mental abuse at home.

Bull beats up Victor to take out his anger towards his grandfather, but when enough is enough, he uses a gun to stop his grandfather.

When both are placed in the same psych ward, they realize things are going to get worse before they get better.
Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave by Shyima Hall
Why we chose this topic...
Child abuse is an unfortunate occurrence in many children's/adolescent's lives. It is therapeutic for those who have suffered abuse to read about others overcoming it. For those who have not suffered from such abuse, reading about it can help develop empathy and compassion for those less fortunate who have endured such unthinkable acts.
Money Boy by Paul Yee
An immigrant who struggles with his identity is kicked out of his home when his father catches him surfing gay websites. He is forced to survive on his own in Toronto.
There are a plethora of books available for young adults.
We suggest visiting these websites for a more extensive list of books:



Cracked by K.M. Walton
Zach Hunter is a teenage abolitionist who started an organization to help end modern slavery. Through his Christian faith he explains the issue and inspires other teens to help his cause.
Be the Change, Revised Edition: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World by Zach Hunter
The Right & the Real by Joëlle Anthony follows Jamie, who must learn to survive on her own after being kicked out of her house for refusing to join a cult-like church.
The Right & the Real by Joelle Anthony
Abuse is a very real topic!
Sexual Abuse
Faking Normal by
Courtney Stevens
Alexi experienced a summer that has changed her life forever. She now hides in her closet and scratches her neck to make her outside hurt as bad as she does on the inside. The only person she communicates with about her situation in Captain Lyrics by completing song lyrics left on her desk at school.
Alice was abducted at the tender age of ten. She has been used and abused for 5 years. Now that she is older and doesn't look like a child any longer Ray makes her find a replacement Alice.
Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott
The Rules of Survival
by Nancy Werlin
Matt and his sister struggle every day to simply survive the cruel and abusive life created by their own mother. When their mother gets a boyfriend they believe that their life will finally start to change, but their hopes are quickly denied when they breakup. Will Matt be able to find help or will he have to save his and his sister's life himself?
Great ESOL book
Great ESOL book
Great ESOL book
Great ESOL book
If you are being abused or suspect someone else is being abused, please report it.
It only takes a minute to tell someone.
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