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Communication systems and computer networks

No description

Maria T

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of Communication systems and computer networks

In telecommunication, a communications system is a collection of individual communications networks, transmission systems and others.

Communication systems and computer networks
What's a communication system?
Example: When you talk using a network with a friend, you are using a communication system
Elements of communication
Virtual network
Communication systems and
computer networks

To transmit a message, we need a communication system that enables the information to be transmitted through space and time, from one point to another site, thanks to a cable.

The transmitter is the person (or thing) attempting to share information.
Simplify the information you want to say. But it isn’t only this. It is also no verbal messages, like the gestures.

Encoding is the process of assembling the message (information, ideas and thoughts)

An encoded message is transmited by the source through a channel. There are numerous channel categories: wifi, bluetooth...
The act of converting something from a coded into a normal form. For example: the process of translating from one language into another.
Ultimately, the message is delivered to the receiver. It's like the receptor.
Feedback is the reaction or responses. Feedback is the moment of recognise. Whether things go right or wrong, it serves as one of the most important learning opportunities we have.

Context is simply the environment in which your message is delivered.

Consists of virtual network links. Computers with virtual network don't need a wiring connection.
Computer Network
It is a network of computers that transmit information with wiring or other physical connections.

Transmission Media
Shared data
Network Interface Card
Local Operating System
Shared printers
Network Operating System
Client computers are basically the users of the network, as they request and receive services from the servers.

Transmission media are the facilities used to interconnect computers in a network, like cables or links.

Shared data is data that file servers provide to clients.

This allows you to access to personal files, impress in a local printer and use more that one CD in your computer.

Shared printers are hardware resources provided to the users of the network by servers.

Each computer in a network has a special card called a network interface card (NIC). The NIC basically prepares formats and controls data flow between the computer and the network.
The network operating system is a program that runs on computers and servers, and allows the computers to communicate over the network.

Switch is like a Hub, but built in with advanced features. It uses physical devices in each message so that you can deliver the message to the right destination or port.
Switch connects the source and destination directly to increase the speed of the network.
It is like a distribution center. When a computer needs information from a network or a specific computer, this information is sent to the main computer, and this main computer share it with all the rest of computers.
ICT stands for Information Communications Technology.
ICT is any product that will store, recover, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. For example, a computer is an ICT.
What can you share when several computers are connected?
You can share all that you want: Images, videos, data, programs...
An example: in the network of the school, the teachers can search our marks, the exams, personal information...
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