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team prairie wolf

our screen team

trent lambertsen

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of team prairie wolf

Social Studies Language arts math Art oxbow park gage dalton james tay Pack Service Friday Fun Time Gage's Page zack Daliy news Fund Raiseing ideas Beijing demonstrators damage U.S. ambassador's car The Prarie Wolves Pack We love mom To make others smile.
Use our looks to spread joy and happiness. : ) Who we are or will be. sean and Our Hobbies intresting people $ 62.00 in fund my favrite people tay World Record Last week mp 4251 What other ways can we give back? Movie Reviews christian Word of
the day is. MP/3 meat points Read to me please. It's raining meat points. dalton finding out info about tornados tay listening to music christian watching ESPN sean reading gage playing with cats james likes mario zack James page Did you bring a board to the woods? Keep our school clean, pick up any trash. Debate #2
Who can be tougher? We could sell wolf art. playing The Battle of Troy lions tiger and snow billzards oh my oxbow week get ready hard to find supplies
diaroma ask Jess to help
you find some
and give ideas new pictures from oxbow this week to be continued missing third book HELP ZACH FIND IT Monday mental James Trent capture the flag at oxbow wolf like a wild dog tay was
:-( ganghis khan
almost took over the whole world i love cats git r done 100 86 98 98 0 90 92
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