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Copy of Gotham City Sirens!

No description

Bacon Eggs

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Gotham City Sirens!

Gotham City Sirens!
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn was a young psychiatrist with a internship at Gotham City Arkham Asylum. She ends up falling in love with Joker because of Jokers mind games with her, when she attempts to do therapy with him. She eventually decided to free Joker from the Asylum. Poison Ivy was in the asylum too and she begged Harley to set her free and she did. After a while Joker packed Harley Quinn in a rocket ship and sent her into orbit. Poison Ivy found out about this and thought of a plan to stop him and help Harley to repay her. Ivy's plan was to take her plants and wrap them around the ship, and it worked. Harley told Ivy about everything, and Ivy suggested that she should just kill Batman and prove herself worthy for her love. After that, the two stuck together.

Cat Woman
When she was young, her mother committed suicide and her father drank himself to death. She was then split up from her younger sister Maggie and sent to a detention center for orphaned and delinquent girls. Soon after, she escaped from the detention center and pick pocketed from the crowd from a carnival nearby. The man running the carnival caught her, but invited her to join the carnival. There, she learned things to enhance her pickpocketing skills like acrobatics and athleticism. When the man running the carnival was killed in an unfortunate accident, she decided to leave and take her chances on the streets.
Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy was a botanical biochemist . She had to assist Dr. Jason Woodrue (also known as Floronic Man). He turned on her and injected her with a very deadly plant based poison, which gave poison ivy a very painful and dramatic transformation. She almost died from the poison, and it also caused her to never have children.Other side effects of the poison are that it turned poison ivy's skin green and it drove her insane. She believed that she was "mother nature" and thought she was the ruler of the plant world, and her plants are her children. Woodrue abandoned Poison Ivy in the hospital because he was chased by the police. After she got released from the hospital, her condition got worse and worse. She tried going back to her collage career and even found a boyfriend. But at that time she couldn't control her powers and she accidentally gave her boyfriend fungal and soon he died. After that she dropped out of collage and moved to Gotham city. When she came to Gotham city, her mental condition soon stopped. And she took the identity of Poison Ivy.
Harley Quinn's Powers
-Agile acrobat
-Immunity to toxins and poisons due to Poison Ivy's injection
-Many weapons
-Marital arts
-Surprisingly high intelligence

Catwoman's Powers
-Martial arts
-Great pickpocketing skills
-12 ft braided bull whip
-Feline empathy (cats like her/
are attracted to her)
-Mistress of disguises

What Each Member Brings to The Team

Powers Of Each Member!
Poison Ivy's Powers
-Poison kiss
-Immune to toxins and viruses
-Can't get ill
-Control planets life
-Can heal any living thing
Harley Quinn protects her team members and cares about them a lot. She also has many weapons that she lends to her team members. Harley is very flexible/acrobatic and the immature one in the team. When ever her team members are having social problems she helps them because she was a gifted psychiatrist. She brings joy to team members because she is always happy. Harley is not the leader because she is very immature and that is not a quality for a leader and she is not that responsible. But gives good planes for team.

Poison Ivy protects her team members as well. She is very useful to the team, she can control plant life and grow very dangerous plants. Also she is very flexible and good with weapons. She also makes her team members immune to most toxins, bacteria , and viruses. She also heals wounds and cut (with all natural stuff). She protects her team by killing the enemy with her poison kiss/touch. Poison Ivy can also hypnotizes and track people. Unfortunately Poison Ivy is not the leader to the team but she would be a good leader because she is mature, she helps her team members and she is a strong female character .
In another comic Poison Ivy and Cat Woman were trying to get Harley Quinn over Joker after he rejected her, so they went to his house. But Joker kidnapped Harley! Then, they found out that it wasn't Joker but his sidekick before Harley, Gaggy! He got jealous that Harley took his place and wanted to kill her. Gaggy trapped Poison Ivy and Cat Woman in between two closing walls but they escaped and rescued Harley Quinn.
Ilona's answer for the questions!

Moral Code
The whole team wants revenge on some one who has done something to harm them, either mentally or physically. Harley Quinn wants revenge on Joker because he rejected her love. Poison Ivy wants revenge on Batman because he put her into a mental hospital. Cat Woman wants revenge on Batman because he broke up with her. They all want to do something to either prove themselves worthy or get even.
The trio have had many successes. Here are some examples:

In book 1 (Union) they defeated
Boneblaster when he attacked Cat Woman

In book 2 (Songs Of The Sirens) when
they saved Poison Ivy from a police
Officer who thought she committed
murder, so he caged her in a hole without
food, water and sunlight but it turned out
that she was framed.

Catwoman brings a variety of things to her team. She is an independent and strong-willed woman, and is the most feared cat- burglar in all of Gotham City. She is very athletic and has many different tools and weapons, including clawed gloves and a 12ft braided bull whip. Although she worked independently before she joined the Sirens, she works well with her teammates, resulting in their many successes.
Miranda's Critical Thinking Answers
1. Personally I think that the Gotham City Sirens is an effective team. I think so because of the following reasons; they cooperate, they have each other's back and they have way more successes then failures (they have no failures). I think they cooperate well together because they work as a team instead of working individually, like when they fight, instead of battling their opponent one by one they attack him/her as a team. I know they have each others back because whenever someone kidnaps a member of the team (which happens fairly often) the rest of the team tries to help and save them. Finally I think they are an effective team because obviously they have to have successes of some sort for them to actually be an effective team. Without successes the team would lose their confidence and would eventually stop being a team. That is why I think the Gotham City Sirens are an effective team.

2. I think that the Gotham City Sirens greatest strength is the way they trust each other. I think so because if they didn't trust each other nothing would ever be possible. I know they trust each other because I'm pretty sure that if you repeatedly save someones life and live in the same house you will come to trust them (if you don't already). If they didn't trust one another then they would get into fights more easily, they would compete to try and be the leader and they would never follow each other into a fight, but because they trust each other none of that ever happens. In order for them to create effective plans they need to be able to trust and rely on each other, for example in book one when they first came together and defeated Bone Blaster they TRUSTED each other. When they trust each other they take more risks which usually ends up making them successful. That is why in my opinion the teams greatest strength is their trust.
Juliana's FIRST Answer
I think that the Gotham City sirens is a highly effective team. I believe this because first of all, from all of the comics and research that my group and I have done, they have not lost a single battle! I think that this proves that they are not only a very effective team, but the work extremely well together, too. Also, they all contribute equally to the team and the all have things that help them win battles. For example, Poison Ivy has her plant powers and poison kiss, while Cat Woman and Harley Quinn have gadgets and gizmos and tools to help them destroy (sometimes literally) their opponents. They all bring something to the team. I also think thin because they always seem to know what they are doing or what to do, so they are good at making plans. For example, in a comic that i read, jokers former sidekick, Gaggy, kidnapped Harley Quinn, so Cat Woman and Poison Ivy went to go try and save her, but he captured them, too! He stuck them in between two closing walls, but poison ivy used her powers to make plants appear in between the walls to stop them from moving so the two could break out. Lastly, they are effective because they don't have a leader. I think that this helps them because with no leader, they all work as equals instead of one above the rest. The don't have a leader bossing them around, thinking of plans themselves and thinking they are better and not equal to the rest of the team.

Answer 1 : Yes I think they are an effective team because they all give useful ideas to the team. They all cooperate and have each other backs. Each of them tries to help the team in any way possible. For example Poison Ivy helps the team by injecting a plant based syrup in Cat Woman & Harley Quinn so that they can be immune to most toxins and viruses.If you put Poison Ivy's plant control, Cat Woman's fighting abilities , and Harley Quinn's distracting humor, they make a perfect team.
Amara's Answer For an Effective Team
I think that the Gotham City Sirens is a effective team because they care about each other a lot. In one of the comics Harley Quinn was stuck with Joker's old sidekick (Gaggy) and Poison Ivy and Cat Woman tried their best to get her out of the hands of him and they succeeded. They all have the same goal and never go different ways. They cooperate as a team and everybody does there part as a team which means they are responsible. Non of them are the leader so nobody is bossing people around and without a leader it's going pretty. They always plan ahead of time what they are going to do/strike next. They have a hideouts one of them is a apartment and a masion ( FYI when they go in public they go under cover). They get there work done on time.

Answer 2
: I think their biggest strength is that they are intelligent with their plans. I know this because if they weren't intelligent they would have lot of failures. They also talk with each other before they decide to do anything. I read lots of the Gotham City sirens comics and I noticed that they never get out-smarted, due to their intelligent plans.
Gotham City Sirens

and Amara
There Team Strength
My thery is that their greatest stregth is Belief and cooperating. If they didn't copperate they would always argue and wouldn't be working as a team which equals to faliures and since they cooperate they didn't have much failures. They believe in each other and their goal that's why they are 90% always winning their mission. If they didn't believe in them self and each other and wouldn't cooperate they would be in jail by now .
How They Formed The Team
Harley Quinn helped Poison Ivy escape from the Asylum and when Joker put Harley in the rocket ship, Poison Ivy decided to repay her. She helped her escape, and she did. That's why the two stuck together. In book 1 of the "Gotham City sirens " series, Bat Man broke up with Cat Woman and she was weak from a previous battle in the Hush story arc, and from the break-up. When Cat Woman was trying to find something to steal in the streets, she heard "evil laughter". She went where the noise came from and saw Boneblaster trying to hurt some random girl, so she planned a sneak attack against him, and they started to fight. Soon Boneblaster over powered her. Then Poison Ivy brought her back to her place and to take care of her, and Harley Quinn was there , too. They then decided to team up to defeat Boneblaster, and that was when the Gotham City Sirens was born.
Juliana's SECOND Answer
I think that the Gotham City Siren's greatest strength(s) is/are thinking of practical/successful plans and working together. I think that these are their greatest strengths because first of all, in all of their successes, they have had to think of a plan to try and save their friend or defeat their enemy quickly and under pressure, knowing that they could be caught and/or killed at any second, For example, when someone framed poison ivy for committing murder. The Police shoved ivy in a hole without food or water. Harley Quinn and Cat Woman had to think of a plan to save ivy quickly, because without food or water she could die, and under pressure, knowing that the police would be after them too because they are teamed up with poison ivy. They decided to investigate and find the real criminal, kill him, and kill the officer. They saved poison ivy after finding her shriveled up without a pulse by throwing her in a lake because Cat Woman claimed that when a plant seems dead, you water it. . I think that working together is one of their greatest strengths because to win, a team needs to work together, and this is what the Gotham City Sirens always do. They don't have a leader, so no one is above anyone else, so they all get to have their say in things and participate equally, instead of one person starring in the plan and the rest backing them up. In all of the comics that i have read, either two of the members think of a plan TOGETHER to try and save another member, or they all try to think of a plan TOGETHER to try and save or stop someone else. For example, in one of their first books, Cat Woman was battling a new super villain, but she was still weak fro her last battle AND because she just broke up with Batman, so he defeated her easily. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn took her in to take care of her, and then all three went back to defeat Boneblaster once and for all. They all helped out and worked together equally in this plan to try and help one of their team members.

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