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The Dog of Pompeii

No description

Peggie Pinteralli

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of The Dog of Pompeii

Falling Action
The Falling action of the story is when the lava from the volcano hits the town and that is when everything gets out of hand.
The exposition of the story is when Tito and Bimbo are just hanging around in the town of Pompeii, that is basically the part when you meet the characters and get to know them.
Rising Action
The Rising Action of the story is when the narrator explains that their life was somewhat boring, but they are both happy when they had a turning point because they’re both the protagonist in the story.
The Resolution is actually kind of sweet because before the earthquake made the Volcano erupt Bimbo tried to give Tito a raisin cake, but sadly didn't make it. Eight Hundred years later scientists found a skeleton dog with a rock with tiny little pebbles on top of it, but really it was a raisin cake. When I read that it was really cute. Everyone else in the town was now to RIP.

The Conflict is character vs Nature because of the earthquake/volcano.
The Climax in the story is when the turning point hits Tito, Bimbo and the other people in the city/town run in fear because all of their homes are being destroyed.

Tito: Boy
Bimbo: Dog
Town: Pompeii
Random: People
Character's point of view
Tito: Tito and his dog Bimbo lived under he wall where it joined the inner gate. They really didn't live there; they just slept there. They lived anywhere. Pompeii was one of the happiest of the old Latin towns, but although Tito was never an unhappy boy, he was not exactly a merry one.
Character's point of view
Bimbo: Bimbo was another mystery. As long as people could remember seeing Tito about twelve or thirteen years- they had seen Bimbo. Bimbo had never left his side. He was not only dog but nurse, pillow, playmate, mother, and father to Tito.

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