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Silver by Chris Wooding

No description

brenden vincent

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Silver by Chris Wooding

The setting and time
The setting of the book is Mortinham Boarding Academy. And the time is present.

Paul is trying to fit in with the popular group, at lunch he runs into Adam and spills his lunch and Adam throws a punch at Paul and he dodge's the punch then they get in a fist fight and a big group surrounded Paul and Adam then the headmaster pulled those two out of the big crowd and each of them got a punishment. Caitlyn was at her netball game and she had the ball since she hated Erika so much extead of scoring she chucked the ball at her face but Erika used her two hands and she punched the ball in the goal. Mark got a new camera and he had to take a picture of a beetle and he saw one and the color was silver and their was silver metal in the beetle and they were being attacked by one and they killed one.
Mark said, the beetle looks like silver metal not the color silver.
rising action
Mark and his best friend Jason got bit by a silver beetle and Jason died cause he didnt drink the vaccine.

Caitlyn got attacked by the dog but paul tackeled the dog and Caitlyn and Paul got away.

Paul, Caitlyn, and Mark didn't have a pilot so Paul told them "get in the chopper im gonna fly us out of here."
By; Brenden Vincent
Paul- he's the new kid at Mortinham Boarding Academy, and he has a dark secret.
Caitlyn-admires Paul from afar and resents that he has eyes on Erika.
Erika- she is the ebst player in netball and she's miss perfect.
Adam- is a bully with a major chip on his shoulder.
Mark-is outgrowing his old friends and trying to make new ones
I'll rate this book an 8 and i Iiked how they described the book. They can add more detail and it was confusing to.
The theme of this book is friends trying to work together and get out alive.
The turning point of the book is when Paul, Caitlyn, and Mark fixed the the chopper and escaped.
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