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No description

Harshita Dayal

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Pantelone

The name of my character is Pantalone. He was named after Pianteleone which means the lion on Venice and one of the interesting thing is that during that time Venice was the most richest and controlling city.
His appearance with his costume is quite similar to the Venetian look during that time. He wears a small and tight jacket on top with a woolen bonnet on his neck. Sometimes instead of the jacket he wears a large black cloak. For his bottom half he wears tight red stockings and red slippers. He also wears a belt which holds his sword and more importantly his money purse. As his signature props he wears a gold chain representing his money and sometimes a stick for him to walk properly.
Commedia dell' Arte
Commedia dell' Arte is very old form of art in which has a very unique collection of characters and stories. It is also quite old as it began around mid 16th century and continued till 18th. CdA is originally from Italy but as it became more and more famous it started to spread through the whole Europe.
It was extremely famous during that time as it was different in many ways from other plays. In CdA the actors improvised their whole script while performing. Also unlike other performances, actors in CdA break the forth wall and interact with the audience which makes it more interactive and amusing, one of its main purposes.
His personality looks a bit evil but he isn't really that bad. The best thing to describe his personality would be his love for money. He has a lot of money and mostly pays all his attention to it. This shows that he is good financially. Also he cares a lot for his daughter (mostly) and wants her to marry a rich and wealthy man.
As Pantalone cares so much about his money most of the storylines have him worrying like financial crises or him showing off about it. Also mostly if he the father of one of the lovers, he tries to keep them apart. Other times when he is not the father, he is trying to impress the female lover or Culumbina.
Pantalone's status is really high in CdA as he is rich and wealthy. People say that 'Pantalone is Money'. So he is respected by almost everyone and is the master of all the servants and the father of one of the lovers which means almost everyone oneys him and respects him Additionally he mostly comes as one of the higher roles as the master, father, god-father or employer.
Other Characters
He mostly has a different relashionship with all the characters. Sometimes when Isabella isn't his daughter he tries to impress and follow her and the same thing goes with Columbina. With Il Dettore, sometimes they are good friends and sometimes enemies. Also if one of the lovers are his children he is shown as quite protective towards them.
He seems like he is too busy in himself to actually interact with the audience, but he does because he relates to the people in the audience. His interaction to the audience is completeky opposite from Il Dettore's.
Pantalone's walk in a very alike way as zanni's but he takes even smaller and lighter steps than they do. Also no matter what he is doing, the speed of pace of his walk stays exactly the same even if he is excited or sad.
As Pantalone is an old man, most of his body is quite slow and weak which is quite visual in the way he moves. However his head, hands and feet are completely opposite as they are very fast and active. His face moves in every direction to see whats happening around him and also his hands flutter everywhere.
As Pantalone is an old man he posture is exactly like that. His back is bent backwards and so he is lowered to the ground like if his back weak. His knees are also bend like his back displaying the old man posture. Also his feet are together but his toes are in the opposite direction from each other, almost like a zanni. Another main part is that he is always protecting his money purse on his waist.
Pantalone's mask has a long style to it. He has a long and pointy nose which is wants to find out everything and also sometimes he has a long and point beard. He has big and long eyebrows and usually a mustache. It is also shows wrinkles and loose skin because of his old age.
Examples of Lazzi
-The tooth extracter
-The returning coin
-The urine test
-The echo
-Fondling the nurse
-Wooing young women
-The bent back
-The wake
-The farting
Alas! My poor money, my poor money, my dear friend! They have deprived me of you, and now that you are taken away form me, I have lost my support, my consolation, my joy.' all is finished, I have no longer any concern with the world, without you it is impossible for me to live.
Images n Info

-John Rudlin, Commedia dell' Arte: An actors handbook, 1994
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