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Tangerine~Paul Fisher

By:Fionia Hurley and Gabi Ramkissoon

Gabi R.

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Tangerine~Paul Fisher

Tangerine: Paul Fisher By; Fiona Hurley
Gabi Ramkissoon Muck fires Funerals Soccer Schedule Trophy Spray paint Goggles {Glasses} Tangerines Soccer ball Paul has to wear his glasses in soccer ever since he became legally blind when is brother spray painted
his eyes open when he was 5 years old and it ruined his peripheral vision. Paul plays for Tangerine Middle as a goalie. He also filled in when other players were not able to play in the game or they need a break so far Paul has played almost every spot on the team. Tangerines are a great deal in Paul's life, not only does he like the smell, but he has memories of growing and trying to keep them warm in below freezing temperatures,with Luis Cruz. Spray paint is a big deal in Paul's life because all his life
he thought that he stared into a solar eclipse "like an
idiot" and that's how he became blind, but really,
Eric and his friend has pried Paul's eyes open and
sprayed white spray paint into them. When Paul played on the Tangerine Middle School soccer team, they made it all the way to the championship game
and then they took home the 1st place trophy. Paul's grandparents are very confused over what is happening with their grandchildren. When they went to visit Paul a long time ago they asked him what had happened to his eyes and now their recent visit they were so surprised to see what had happened to Erik. Paul goes to soccer everyday after school and practices with the Tangerine Middle School team. He eventually becomes part of the team instead of being the laughing stock because of his glasses. Paul also learns that being on time doesn't really matter because Tino and his "gang" are never really on time either. Paul's mom got angry at the fireman with the cutoffs because he could do nothing about the muck fire by there house that smelt bad and because she thought it was very dangerous.
Paul has had a rough time with losing people in his life. In Tangirne so far 2 people he knows have been killed. Mike Costello was killed by lighting and Luis Cruz was killed by a black jack swing to the head When Paul and Joey were walking back from the office become aware of sounds and movements related to the opening of a sinkhole nearby. Paul and Joey join in a rescue effort, pulling students to safety. Then they hear Mr. Ward's voice saying that everyone has been rescued and it is time for them to get out of there. Grandma and Grandpa Paul has seen and heard a lot about these events, and was held as an eye witness for Luis Cruz. Sink hole

By: Edward Bloor Tangerine
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