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Loops Closing in the Night

Earth Day Talk

Mike Nowak

on 8 July 2012

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Transcript of Loops Closing in the Night

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Loops Closing in the Night
It started, innocuously enough,
as a gardening program...

I'm a radio show host and
obviously radio show hosts
Why am I here?
At a VERY big radio station...WG-something or other
And then one day after I had been
talking about frogs and toads...
My bosses asked me, quite
seriously, "What do frogs and
toads have to do with gardening?"
Instinctively, I knew it was time
to move to a different radio station.
Chicago's Progressive Talk!
Now, I was talking more about
the environment...and you know
what I discovered?
Everything in this world is even MORE
connected than I thought, and we're
missing those connections even more
than I thought.
How is it that in a state containing some of the richest farmland on the planet, we import 95% of the food that ends up on our plates?
The irony is that when urban (and suburban)
citizens want to grow their own, they are
faced with issues like toxic metals in the soil.
Recycling #6 plastic--polystyrene or
expanded polystyrene (EPS)--can be
done...but it ain't easy. And yet, in
the horticultural industry, it's one of
the plastics that can be recycled.
Go figure.
We don't want "bugs" eating our plants, but unless we do, we might be losing critical insect bio-mass
Did you know that until January 1, 2010, food
waste in Illinois was considered pollution?
What can you do?
In 2009 Scott Rappe and his
East Village family weighed their
"trash"...for the entire year.
Here's what they found:
I've only scratched the surface.
If we don't reduce, reuse and
recycle, we will continue to have...
How do I know these things?
I'm "The Prez."
Chicago Waste Diversion Study
February 15, 2010
How well does Chicago Recycle?
Currently in Chicago
Buildings with Blue Carts: 600,000 units
Multi-unit (no Blue Carts): approx 400,000 units
City of Chicago generates 7,299,174 tons of waste every year
Of that, 3,248,231 tons currently diverted - overall diversion rate of 45%.
Current diversion rates :
DSS-Collected Residential : 8%
Privately-Collected: 19%
C&D : 65%,
It's about "stuff".
Our state bird.
What are we throwing away
in Chicago (and remember that
there's no such thing as "away")?
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