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Uses and Production Process

Unit 17, Task 1b&c

Zak Bigley

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Uses and Production Process

Production Process Conceptualisation & Planning This stage is where you come up with an
idea. You would think of what type of product you are creating e.g. an game app, widget etc.

You would then start thinking about what materials you would use and other features like colours, price and the style for your porduct. These would then be taken into the next stage: DESIGN. Design The designing takes place at this stage using the information passed on from the planning stage. They will decide what the content will look like e.g. images, text- This could be presented in the form of a story board, so each possible page is clearly set out for the creation team. Creation Implementation Testing Review & Evaluation Uses & Purposes Marketing, Promotion
& Advertising Thanks for watching :D Education, training and assessment Entertainment Games, VR & Simulations Journalism & Information By Zak Bigley Interactive media can be used for advertising, promoting and marketing different products.
A good example of this would be a website which allows you to interact with its feature, much like a car company website. These allow the users to interact with a number of different features to make their experience more exciting; also by doing this the company are advertising and promoting their cars and all the different features available. Once the designing team have passed on the relevent information,the creation team start making the product come to life.
Software engineers inperticular create the product, somethimes some things need to be tweaked so they can work. At this stage the production team make sure that the product is assembled correctly and works to the best of its ability before it is sent off to be tested. This stage could be considerd the 'fun' stage as the product is sent off for testing by the public to see if there are any changes that could be made. In the final stage after testing, the product is edited if it needs to be OR it is sent to the market for the public to buy.
But first it is evaluated jsut to double check everything works as it should. Interactive Products such as an interactive CD are good use for young school children as it can be fun, cartoony and all things young children like as well as being educational. The entertainment industry is full of interactive media products. Some examples are: Game, Music & Film APPs for IPod, IPone, IPad etc.
You can book tickets using these APPs and find out all the information you want to know This is most proberly the biggest section of interactive media products, as the majority of APPs sold each day are gaming APPs. They range from Angry Birds to Stick Sports (Cricket & Tennis) to IBasket. Also PS3, Xbox and Wii Games are sold on a large range daily. There are also a wide range of News APPs available on the market. People use these to keep up to date with whats going on in the world.
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