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What Great Principals Do Differently: Fifteen Things That Matter Most

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Brandy Dougherty

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of What Great Principals Do Differently: Fifteen Things That Matter Most

What Great Principals Do Differently: Fifteen Things That Matter Most

by Todd Whitaker Arranged by Brandy Dougherty
December 10, 2012 #1 It's People,
Not Programs Great principals remember that it is people, not programs, that determine the quality of the school. #2 Who is the Variable? Great principals know that they are the variable responsible for all aspects of the school and the teachers are responsible for the learning in the classroom. #3 Treat Everyone With Respect, Every Day, All the Time Great principals treat everyone with respect, ten days out of ten and never forget that one time. #4 The Principal is
the Filter Great principals consistently filter out negatives that do not matter and, instead, focus on the positive. Great principals know that they cannot expect teachers to improve if they do not teach them new strategies. #5 Teach the
Teachers Great principals know the two best ways to improve a school: by improving teachers who are already in place or by hiring better teachers to replace them. #6 Hire GREAT Teachers #7 Standardized Testing Great principals keep standardized testing in perspective. They understand its importance, but center in on what is truly important – student learning. Great principals understand that it is not always possible to change beliefs, but that it is possible to change behaviors. #8 Focus on Behavior, Then Focus on Beliefs Great principals want teachers to be loyal to the students. Great principals are loyal to teachers, to students, and to the school. #9 Loyal to Whom? Before making any important decision, great principals ask themselves on central question: What will my best teachers think? #10 Base Every Decision on Your Best Teachers #11 In Every Situation, Ask
Who is Most Comfortable
and Who is Least Comfortable Great principals treat everyone as if they are good and make people who do the right thing feel comfortable. Great principals ignore minor errors, provide autonomy and recognition. #12 Understand High Achievers #13 Make It Cool to Care Great principals communicate core beliefs, make decisions on what is best for students and just do what is right, no matter what others do around you. #14 Don't Need to Repair -Always Do Repair Great principals work hard to keep their relationships in good repair – to avoid personal hurt and to repair any possible damage. #15 Set Expectations at the Start of the Year Great principals establish, fair reasonable, and clear expectations at the beginning of the school year and follow them consistently throughout the year. For more information on this book, the author, and to view additional video clips, please visit http://www.toddwhitaker.com/ Great principals ask themselves:

1. What do I see when I view my schools and the people in them?
2. Where do I focus my attention?
3. How do I spend my time and energy?
4. What guides my decisions?
5. How can we all gain the same advantages?
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