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Airports and Motorways

Week 4 lesson

David Brice

on 16 July 2015

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Transcript of Airports and Motorways

Air passengers forecast to double by 2030
Airports and Motorways
UK airports handled 238 million in 2014
More passengers means more demand for bigger airports and more runways
Often there are objections from local people to developing new terminals.

They are concerned about impact on environment and quality of life.

So, which is more important? Economic growth or preserving the environment?
Lets watch a short video about the new terminal at Heathrow. Terminal 5
Looks very impressive doesn't it !

Let's look a bit closer at Terminal 5.

Use the Wordle handout and work in groups to put the words together the best you can so that it makes sense or the best sense you can make it !

This is a bit of fun but try to use as many words as you can ! You have 15 minutes.

OK...well done. Take a look at the class handout to see how close you got. Don't worry if you didn't get close. It's not easy to put words together like that, but it's a good creative exercise
A question!
Name as many Yorkshire airports as you can
Doncaster (Robin Hood)

LBA is expanding rapidly. Passengers expected to reach 5.1 million by 2016 and 8.2 million by 2030
Another question!
Name as many airlines as you can that fly from LBA
Jet2 Ryanair
KLM Thomas Cook
Thomson Monarch
BMI Flybe
Eastern Manx2
British Airways Aer Lingus
Balkan Holidays Air charter to Bourgas
Some more facts about LBA
900,000 oversees visitors came to the Yorkshire region in 2003.

They spent £294 million.

LBA plays an important role in Yorkshire tourism.
Tourists can fly in from Europe and then fly to other UK destinations. This is called a "gateway".
As well as airports, motorways are being improved.
Name the motorways that are being improved....
M1 - Widened
M62 - Managed motorway
M6 widened
M25 widened.

Question - What benefits do we get from these motorway improvements?
For commuters and tourists

Faster journey times
Less congestion
In the next sessions we are going to be looking at "factors" that affect passenger transport in the UK.

One of the factors is "Legal factors" and I would like you to carry out some research (this will help you with your next assignment).

For the rest of this session I would like you use Wallwisher to add examples of the facilities available to disabled passengers at airports, train stations and trams. Do your research and then add details to the wall at http://wallwisher.com/wall/accessibility_transp
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