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All The Bright Places

No description

Alyssa Bombarda

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of All The Bright Places

All The Bright Places
Jennifer Niven
By Alyssa Bombarda
Reading Literature
June 8, 2015

The story takes place in modern
Indiana (2015) and its wondrous sights.
Theodore Finch; also known as Theodore Freak
has a very diverse and bipolar personality. At times he is 80's Finch, Jock Finch, Unpredictable Finch, Crazy Finch and so much more. Finch is also fascinated by death. He always lives for the moment. He constantly wonders when it's his time to die. Finch is a delinquent who is a smart alec and also very wise. He isn't afraid to explore new territories considering his difficult home environment. He is a blue-eyed guy who is very loving and caring towards Violet Markey, who he gets to learn more about along their great journey.
Violet Markey; also known as UltraViolet Remarkey-able is looking forward to graduation. That is all she is looking forward to, that is until she meets Theodore Finch who gets her out of her comfort zone. Violet use to be a very creative writer and a blog owner with her sister, until one day during a car crash, her sister died, and ever since the accident, Violet has been playing it safe. Violet Markey is a blond, green-eyed teenage girl, who learns to enjoy life and to take risks again, after such a devastating loss.
There were also many other characters such as: Violet's parents, Finch's parents, Amanda Monk,
Niven, Jennifer. All The Bright Places.
New York: Penguin Random House Company, 2015
There are many tones to this novel.
Niven's attitude toward her audience
is very ironic; Finch who is a depressed, bipolar teen tries to show Violet the good side of life. She also writes in an enduring, dark and adventurous tone in order to narrate this epic novel. There are moments when the story is very joyous and jubilant, and other times it is depressing and deals with the realities of life such as bullying, abuse, sex, divorce and suicide.
As Finch and Violet are celebrating Finch's birthday, Violet acknowledges how broken and messed up she is, when Finch claims, "I'm the freak. I'm the weirdo. I'm the trouble-maker. I start fights. I let people down," showing how pathetic he is compared to Violet. (307)
There are many morals to this story. One of the many morals is to live life to the fullest. It's important to explore new activities, even if it's outside of your comfort zone. Another moral is to enjoy the little things in life, because most of the time, those are the things that count.

At first it's unclear who saved who, but they saved each other. Finch and Violet met on top of a bell tower at their high school, both planning on jumping off until they caught each other's eyes. Later that day, Finch and Violet had class together and he volunteered to be her partner for a project which was to visit the "natural wonders" of their beloved state: Indiana. During their epic adventures, they develop feelings for each other and they begin to appreciate their wonderful state. However, during these amazing days and moments spent together, Finch is going through some very melancholy times. During these difficult times, Finch's curiosity gets the best of him and he goes back to one of the "wanderings" that him and Violet explore. It's called the Blue Hole, which is thought to be bottomless. Just when Violet's life is beginning to be normal again, Finch jumps in, and unfortunately doesn't come back up. However, he has left more wanderings for Violet to explore, to explain to her and help her better understand why he committed suicide.
This depicts the story because through out the book, Finch and Violet go on amazing adventures where they get to learn about things they have never known about their home state, by getting out of their comfort zone.
This picture also depicts the theme "living life to the fullest" and "enjoying the little things in life" because in order to live by these morals, you must get out of you comfort zone, which is what Finch made Violet do after such a terrible accident. During their journey, they learn to appreciate the little things in life, like a simple smile.
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