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Mesopotamia project

No description

Tyler To

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Mesopotamia project

Mesopotamia Subject: Mesopotamia Cultural aspects
Inventions Cuneiform Need met: sense of belonging The Umbrella The umbrella was used by royals and the people of importance. In Assyria, a Mesopotamian country, only the King could wield an umbrella. Sailboats Needs met: shelter/safety Sailboats were revolutionary because it could transport people,soldiers, food, and traded goods. Need met: food/safety Finally the sailboat could protect the lands near the river by shooting arrows or throwing objects such as rocks. Cuneiform is a basic language used by the Mesopotamian made of basic shapes such as lines, boxes, circles, and triangles. CUNEIFORM Cuneiform was used to keep taxes, sales, and records. Checkers Need met: sense of belonging. Checkers is a old game which was
invented to entertain the citizens
of Ur, an old Mesopotamian city . Beer Need met: food/ sense of belonging Archeologists believed that a long time ago a farmer's crops were in a container near some other ingredients.
The ingredients were knocked into the bucket and it fermented into alcohol. The farmer smelt it and it smelled fine so he drank it. This is how beer and
alcoholic drinks were made.
Beer also brought family and friends together. The wheel The wheel is a way to transport villagers, food, soldiers, and people of importance long distances over land. Archeologists do not know where it was invented, but the oldest one is found in Mesopotamia. Need met: food Warfare Mesopotamia's strongest army was the Assyrians.
With large thick walls and with a devastating
120,000 soldiers they were virtually indestructible.
The soldiers they used were cavalry, infantry, and the archers. Medicine Need met: safety Near the city of Babylon, the Babylonians discovered medical recipes written on old tablets found in ruins. The pills and creams they replicated cured various rashes and sicknesses. Sacrifices Need met: sense of belonging Long time ago regions conquered by the Assyrians must bring a sacrifices to the King yearly. If the sacrifice did not come or the people rebelled the King would lead his army to the battlefield to destroy the rebelling country. Beliefs of Mesopotamia Need met: sense of belonging Belief one: The world was a flat disc with heaven above. Belief two: The sea is all around the world and goes on for ever. Belief three: The universe was created one these waters. The sailboat help the Meopotamians flourish by befriending near by country's and cities. Need met: safety/food Chariot Need met: safety/food The chariots were invented to transport and protect.
The problem was that the people needed to move royals, goods, and soldiers from one place to another faster. They knew that a horse was faster than walking, but only 1-3 people could ride one.
One day a inventor realized by attaching wheels to a cart, and then the cart to the horse they could move goods, soldiers, and royals faster. hope you enjoyed :)
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