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International Baccalaureate Project on Families of functions

No description

Samantha Vera-Phaly

on 16 September 2016

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Transcript of International Baccalaureate Project on Families of functions

Is it ethical to select the gender or characteristics of an embryo?
Personally no, because with my morals and own opinion I think its not the right of the parents to select the gender or certain characteristics of their future child. It's not natural.
Modifying embryos is a fast process.
Embryos can be donated after an IFV treatment, although there is a high chance women can lose their babies.
The editing procedure is called "Crispr-Cas9, in which they change genes on the early stage of human embryos.
I made a survey asking 5 personal questions/opinions. To see the range of opinions using both sexes & different ages.
Is it ethical to select the gender or characteristics of an embryo?
If it's not ethical, why?
At what age are you ready or do think on having children?
Why'd you chose this age?
Why did/do you want children?
I think the questions I asked are important for the psychological factors & it can help me determine why or why not it's ethical.

International Baccalaureate Project on Families of functions
-Martin, male, 16.
“No, because if God gives you the gender of a child. Than that’s the way it should be. I think I would want to start around my mid-twenties, depending on how my life is going, because by that time I think I’ll be able to sustain my life & my kids. I want to have kids to pass on my legacy, I also think it’ll be fun.”

-Cassandra, female, 14.
“No, because I don’t believe that we have the right to choose, its God’s choice. I’m planning to start during my twenties, because I’m still young, I’ll have my career by then. I want to see kind of like a version of me & my husband.”

-Rosalia, female, 45.
“No, because whenever men change the aspects, biologically or physically, there can be consequences. Also it’s not natural. I chose that age, because I was physically & mentally mature. I think family is the nucleus of society & stability of the emotional state of a person.”

-Elizabeth, female, 12.
“No, because it’s not natural. Because God gave us what we have, you get what you get. I think I’ll start having children around the age of 25. I feel like it’s a perfect age, by the time I’m 30, I can have 3 children & I won’t be old. I feel like it would complete my life cycle.”

I am an inquirer because I asked questions, and made a survey to ask opinions on the content.
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