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zombie survival guide

No description

Adam Gottschalk

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of zombie survival guide

Zombie survival guide. non-gun weapons guns and explosives These weapons dont jam and never run out of ammo, gas every now and then but not ammo. The first step in zombie survival is weapons

the next step in zombie survival is a place to go., so if you dont want to play it safe, go some place you think will give you some chance and remember you didnt want to be safe. so have fun. 8) wait where did zombies come from? why are you worried about this? you need to worry about surviving. now run or fight!! zombies themselfs

1) zombies are not people anymore.

2) zombies hunt by sight, smell, and sound.

3)if your friend or a preson in ur family is a zombie and they are trying to eat you. just kill them dont try and reason with them.just end it.

4)zombies bite.

If your bitten There are three ways to take care of a bite from a zombie. 1) If its a bite to a arm or leg. amputation is always a option. 2)either shooter yourself or have someone else do it. Be mindful of ur ammo, you dont always have to use a guns. 1) if you have been bitten if its a arm or leg, then ampution is an option. 5) there are two types of zombie runer and walkers 3) wait til you turn into a zombie and possibly kill the people your with. Don't forget ur food and weapons. how people are turned when they are bitten.
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