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Wilfrid Laurier Era Immigration

No description

Jesse Schafer

on 2 June 2016

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Transcript of Wilfrid Laurier Era Immigration

The expanding economy of Canada during the Laurier era, attracted thousands of immigrants,
Farming was a huge part of the econamy in Canada. the world had large demand for wheat so farming was a good job to have.
Another way to make a living was to ranch cattle or chickens or pigs.
Wilfrid Laurier Era Immigration
During this era Canada was looking for immigrants to move to Canada for jobs.
In order to immigrate to Canada many people would move to Canada as children and move in with farmers and be raised by the farmers doing chores and learning how to make a living.
Secondary Jobs
Some other Jobs Chinese immigrants would provide serves such as hair cuts and tools for miners by setting up shop just outside of the mines.
Many Chinese immigrants would work in mines or on rail roads.
Over Pop.
After a while Due to too much immigration, Canada was starting to over populate and so the government started adding fees to permission into Canada but that did not slow down the Chinese. Prices started at $50 and slowly increased all the way up to $500.
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