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Back in my day....

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Back in my day....

My grandpa

Back in my grandpa's day there was no such thing as a portable phones, the internet, color television, laptops, etc.
Back Then
Back then there was no internet and so you had to go to the library. And it was more complicated to call people. Also the only thing you could do on the computer was type and play games.

I think that technology is better today then back then. Because now you can call, text, research, play games, and more. so it makes life so much easier.
My self
Today they have touch screen phones, touch screen T.V, smart watches, laptops, etc.
Back in my day....
Which time was better?

Today is better then back then because
today there is the internet. Back then there was no internet, so you had to travel to the library. Today if you have a question you could just take your phone out of your pocket and search it. Also there's electric cars so there's less pollution. Some people may argue that back then was better because there was less distractions. But phones are very helpful. So I think you should like today more then back then.
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