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Jared Harless

on 4 February 2010

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Transcript of Connect

Engage Encourage Application Critical Thinking Feedback Reports The number one instructor concern
is ENGAGING students The number two instructor concern
is ENCOURAGING students to READ the text Interactives are built around CONCEPT APPLICATION Every activity is followed by a series of CRITICAL THINKING questions Based on instructor policy settings, students can receive INSTANT FEEDBACK on their work Assignments auto-feed a gradebook
and you can run a variety of
REPORTS Complimentary with a new book purchase!!!
$20 Stand alone purchase!!! $? "The assignments also inspired me and got me excited about what I was learning" "I couldn't wait to take the test just to see how well I did. I had a MUCH better feeling going into the testing center for this test than I did when I took my first test - AND my score for the second test improved 12%" "Interactive assignments are far more encouraging because the sense of accomplishment is greater and the feedback is immediate." “I've done these interactive assignment both before and after reading the chapter and scored much higher if I did read the material.” “I wouldn't be able to achieve a good grade without those interactive assignments. I'm a tactile learner and need to be able to practice what I've read about. so they have really helped.” Students say... Instructors say... “An outstanding means of actively engaging students in learning”
Barbara Coleman from Augusta State University

“A very useful tool for enhancing the educational experience for students and making it easier for faculty”
Lon Doty, San Jose State University
“Impressive student feedback tool”
Diane Caggiano Fitchburg State College
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