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Bonnie Coker

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The History of Stand Up Paddleboarding
The Rise of
Modern SUP
1940's: Waikiki beach, Hawaii--surfers Duke Kahanamoku, Leroy AhChoy, and Bobby AhChoy used SUP to get a better view of the incoming swell and for taking pictures of other surfers
"The SUP Boom"
2004: SUP boom begins after Brian Keaulana adds the "Beachboy Surfing" category to the "Buffalo Big Board Contest"
SUP is now popular across the globe, among many populations besides surfers, and is continuing to grow every year
Bonnie Coker
Early SUP use:
Peruvians: used reed-woven stand up vessels for fishing in the surf
paddles made of bamboo
Africans: warriors used dugout crafts, similar to canoes, to sneak up on enemies.
used their spears as paddles
1778: European Captain James Cook lands in Hawaii
Saw islanders surfing waves using boards made from Koa tree.
Hoe he'e nalu: Hawaiin for Stand up paddle
he'e nalu: surfing without a paddle
1900's: Israeli lifeguards use stand up boards almost 5 ft wide to rescue people

1930's: Brazilian surfers Osmar Goncalves & Joa Roberto Hafves began riding stand-up boards called "Tabua havaiana" (Hawaaiin plank), shaped by Julio Putz
1950's: Duke Kahanamoku introduced the sport to John Zapotocky, who modified their technique and came to be known as the
"Father of
Modern SUP"
1886: 1st photo taken of man stand up paddling in England by Peter Henry Emerson
"The Duke"
SUP did not rise in popularity until 1995, when surfers Dave Kalama & Laird Hamilton discovered the training benefits
Then, in 2000: Rick Thomas brought SUP to mainland USA, introducing it to Californian surfers.
1. Casey, Rob. "Stand Up Paddling: Flat Water to Surf and Rivers"
2. www.standuppaddlesurf.com.au
3. http://www.supglobal.com/stand-up-paddle/stand-up-paddle-surfing-articles/6-the-history-of-stand-up-paddle-surfing.html
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