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Death and the merchant of isfahan

No description

Don-Don Mamerto

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Death and the merchant of isfahan

The poem "Death and the Merchant of Isfahan" gives us an idea about what death is. It defines death as a phenomenon which cannot be avoided by someone and can happen in any place and time. The poem also gives us of somewhat a remake of "Appointment in Samarra". The differences of the two are the settings used, the poem has only two characters while the short story has three and the focus of Death in the poem is the Merchant while in the story, it is the servant. The poem also contains lots of imagery and many symbolisms were used to describe the characters.
About the poem
The poem was written by Anthony Tan, which is somehow a revised version of the story Appoinment in Samarra.
About the Author
Anthony L. Tan is a Sama-Tausug native of Muddas (Siasi, Sulu).
He is a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in the field of English Literature
and the former chair of the English Department at Mindanao State
University-Iligan Institute of Technology. He has won various awards
for his poetry, much of which remembers and honors his home of Muddas,
the Sama name for the market town on the island of Siasi, Sulu. These awards include Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature and the Homelife Magazine Poetry Award while his published books include Poems for Muddas
(Anvil Publications, Manila, 1996), 5 Stories and 5 Essays.

Death and the Merchant of Isfahan




City Gate
Story Line
It is about the merchant who wants to run away from Death but Death is always there to find him. The merchant tried to run with his camel but then, Death sought him and Death told him that they have an appointment on Samarra on where maybe, Death will put her sentence on the merchant.
Emotion of the Story
The mood of the story is fear in which because of the threat being made by Death, the merchant tried to run for his life.
In the poem, death was represented by a person, as if it was a man who can talk and communicate with humans.
ubiquitous one
stay outside the compass of your arms

Death - ubiquitous one

like a black-eyes houri at heaven's door
like seeds in a sandstorm

I am a whore
dark antelope eyes

D e a t h
and the
M e r c h a n t
I s f a h a n

Trying to run from death, he tried to go to another place with his camel.
The ubiquitous one is Death for he can be present at different places at same time.
Thank You!
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